Veere Di Wedding – A charmless reunion.

Maybe there was so much hype created for this film so that it steals that attention away from Sanju‘s trailer or even film Raazi to show off it’s feminism factor and also so that this average film could work well at the box office. However, it was the audience and media which gave it a feministic approach when neither the film, nor it’s crew ever intended to.

Well, yes, I wouldn’t be lying when I put in front the fact that how lousy this film felt, overall. Even though, it presented itself all fancy, with good dialogue and a stellar star cast, it couldn’t be the créme de la créme. I wouldn’t blame the actors and the supporting cast, except Kareena Kapoor, for it but mainly who penned down the story, Mehul Suri and Nidhi Mehra.

The friendship, the bond between females and the fact that not only men are smutty and even women between themselves are, is superbly portrayed in this film. In fact, that’s what it boasted the most. How weddings in India are done, how rituals are overdone within Indian families & events and how everything is just about showbiz, is emphasized well to show the people who still believe in them. Also, to make them realize that it is JUST NOT NECESSARY.

Background score gets the highest marks in this film, even after it felt like some of it was taken from Judwaa (1997). Music, on the whole, too, is nice and catchy. I wasn’t surprised to see how a few of the dialogue or even visuals are added just to advertise the products and services of a few of the big companies. You do not have to make it SO obvious. Last but not the least, why I ruled out Kareena out of the good performance list is because she too [giving the plot some company] felt laid back, aside her usual, almost like someone forced her to do this film against her will.

If I have to rate in terms of comprehensive performances, Shikha Talsania would top my list, followed by Swara Bhaskar and then Sonam Kapoor along with all the supporting cast.



Deadpool 2 – The fun ‘A’ rated ride.

Last time when Deadpool’s first part released, I was so thrilled and excited even after the movie, I wrote a review in such a way that it seemed as if he was seeing me write it and talking to me in between as he does with the audience while the film is ongoing. This time, I am not going to do that. {Because I write on a ‘blogging’ website now. Oooh! So professional.}

Deadpool film franchise tends to cross all limits in terms of the adult rated wit which gets conveyed to (and loved by) the audience, by the script writers and directors. The dialogue being it’s biggest point of medium. The screenplay and the cinematography being the runner-ups!

There cannot be a better Deadpool than Ryan Reynolds, no second thoughts to that. I absolutely loved Cable’s (Josh Brolin) and Firefist’s (Julian Dennison) characters. Dennison doesn’t make it look like he is new to films. Absolute talent. Not to mention, Morenna Baccarin (as Vanessa) is sexy and adorable at the same time, since the first part. Since it is the eleventh installment of the X-Men film series, (yes, Deadpool is a part of the X-Men universe) a lot of new characters were ought to be introduced. Zazie Beatz as Domino, Jack Kesy as Black Tom Cassidy, Shioli Katsuna as Yukio, Terry Crews as Bedlam, Lewis Tan as Shatterstar, Bill Skarsgård as Zeitgiest. Leslie Ugams and Karan Soni played their usual Blind Al and Dopinder. Now, even funnier.

However, yes, here comes ‘the other thing’, John Wick wasn’t that impactful. Albeit, Deadpool 2, directed by the same director as John Wick, David Leitch, isn’t up to the level of what Tim Miller (the director of Deadpool) had created. At a lot of times, I felt that many of the scenes could have been made better or rather, more interesting. Also the comedy content, even though effective, was less compared to what Deadpool had to offer.

The film wouldn’t fail to surprise you at more than a few occasions. It is 18+ and you should still go for it even after the below mentioned rating.


Raazi – The all in all gripper!

Alia Bhatt had already confirmed her class in acting after her career’s second film and my doubts were put to an end after I discovered that Meghna Gulzar is directing this one.

Even though Meghna doesn’t have a dozen of films on her success list and her initial films weren’t a big deal until Talvar came into her life in 2015.

Harinder Sikka gave us a novel namely Calling Sehmat, on which Raazi is actually adapted. To be honest, there wasn’t a buzz of this film being so good, just a hype of Alia‘s performance being the best to witness. I would partially disagree.

Vicky Kaushal (as Iqbal Syed), Rajit Kapur (as Hidayat Khan), Shishir Sharma (as Brigadier Syed), Jaideep Ahlawat (as Khalid Mir), Aman Vasishth (as Nikhil Bakshi), Ashwath Bhatt (as Mehboob Syed), Arif Zakariya (as Abdul), Amruta Khanvilkar (as Munira) and Soni Razdan (as Teji Khan) are all the names which should be taken along side Alia‘s for having given equally great performances. This list above is inclusive of some proficient, experienced supporting actors and the rest few very talented newcomers.

Notwithstanding, there is also the screenplay by Bhavani Iyer and Meghna Gulzar which should be accredited. Furthermore, there is the goosebumpy soundtrack, marvelously composed by ShankarEhsaanLoy. You cannot get disappointed with this one, unless you have a liking for a specific genre.


102 Not Out – Master-blaster.

Once in a year, there comes an unusual film which just wants you to take a seat, recline on, laugh and munch on your popcorn, promising to entertain you until the end.

I really run out of words when I even think of praising both the phenomenons of Bollywood, Rishi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan. Out of which, Kapoor is not oftenly seen on the big screen. But when he is, he nails it. Amitabh sets the stage on fire right from the first scene.

An offbeat plot about a relationship between a grandfather and his father who, naturewise, are poles apart. The grandfather, stuck to his regular old-age schedule and the great grandfather (still alive and kickin’ at 102), who doesn’t have a schedule at all. It is little about the relationship that the director talks about but is extensively about what more you could get from life, while you’re still alive. Writer Saumya Joshi also speaks about how the blunt and nervewracking truth gets shadowed under our deep emotions.

The make-up and the music (Salim-Sulaiman & Rohan-Vinayak) also play a very key role here. Amitabh sings in it too. Infact, the amount of energy he has shown as a seventy-five-year-old, forces us to rejuvenate. Moreover, Jimit Trivedi (as Dhiru) supports the cast rather excellently.

It is a cool, fun, Gujju flavoured flick, giving out many good messages. Umesh Shukla hits another one out of the park after Oh My God.

Oh and please carry your oldies along.


Avengers: Infinity War – Extravagant and class apart.

We all waited for this film for long enough. The expectation level rose to a hundred percent, too. But when a film has the mighty power to exceed the expectations so effortlessly, then it’s a win. It’s a sixer on the last ball when five runs are needed. It’s a goal in the nintieth minute when you’re on a draw.

Even though the story demanded for the film to be quite pessimistic, perhaps even dark too, the experienced director duo, Anthony and Joseph Russo, took it as a challenge to make that whole of the film so exciting and applause worthy, that the melancholiness of the plot looks tiny in front of it. How Marvel Studios, the producer (Kevin Feige) and directors (Russo brothers) of this film have bound most of the Marvel characters and stitched them together for this film which so much ease, is fantastic. Avengers: Infinity War is comedic when it’s required, it is filled with a lot of action which it craves all the time, it is emotional on a few occasions, for a change, and it is SO technologically advanced, giving you the best of graphical effects in the utmost detail.

I wouldn’t want to name all the characters’ and actors’ names to praise them, as it would definitely turn my single page review into a thousand word essay. Nonetheless, it was sad to see that a couple of the characters, inclusive of Bruce Banner / Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Peter Quill / Star Lord (Chris Pratt) having the least of contribution in this first part of Infinity War. On the other hand, how Thanos (Josh Brolin) has changed the course of the film by being the perilous foe, is something you should look forward to. Last but not the least, Peter Dinklage is a major surprise playing Eitri / The Dwarf King.

Marvel movie fan or no, you MUST WATCH THIS FILM. But the non-marvel ones would want to watch all eighteen films before this of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am not saying this because I am fan myself, but because this film will ignite the fire inside you [in a good way], it will elate you with it’s extraordinary action-technology combo and not for minute you’ll get diverted to use your smartphone during the film. Lastly, I wish that you get to watch this one in a theater full of excited Marvel fans, the cheering and clapping at all the characters’ prime scenes [especially Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Captain America (Chris Evans)] and the major action scenes would keep your mood elevated.


October – Clearly, winter is not coming.

We have seen young love stories, old love stories, love stories involving a lot of travel, horrifying love stories and expeditious love stories even. However, this particular one seems to be strange or you could call it rare too.

Varun Dhawan (as Danish “Dan” Walia) said in a lot of interviews [during the promotions of October] that this film has changed him or even transformed him as a person. Yet, I completely failed to understand his character. It is not that he has performed badly, but the role given to him is bewildering. He is stubborn, short-tempered, amateur, innocently sensible, curious and adorably simple, ALL at the same time.

Banita Sandhu (as Shiuli Iyer) just has one job now, to choose her forthcoming films very carefully. She has hit the gong from the top of the mountain by showing maturity and patience in her performance. Gitanjali Rao (as Professor Vidya Iyer / Shiuli‘s mother) marks her debut too, in a very remarkable way. Almost reminded me of Boman Irani, who debuted in Bollywood pretty late and proved to be one of the finest in the industry.

A lot of patience is required for you to have the guts to sit till the end of this film. And I speak this in favor of the film. It is a very carefully directed film, as if you’re taking care of a new born. The delicacy is really evident. There is beautiful detailing, too. Even the locations the film has been shot in are gorgeous. Nevertheless, it is a pretty purposeless motion picture. Apart from that, the background score is pretty good, along with a couple of melodious songs. Mr. Footballer First (Shoojit Sircar), the director, has tried well to create something magical, maybe to some extent, extraordinary, but alike Pink, he has to do a tad better in at least creating a motive (in this case).

I am sure there will be so many questions in your mind to ask Juhi Chaturvedi (woman behind the story), post watching this film [that’s if you do] and one in particular, “What was the point?“. Oh and yes, cut the rumors, the flick is not that emotional. You wouldn’t need tissue boxes.


Baaghi 2 – Rambo much?

It sure has earned it’s proceeds well, but the most genius question is why and how did people give this movie the attention it didn’t deserve?
Let’s begin with the ‘supposed’ star of the film. Actually, I really feel for Tiger Shroff. He is well equipped and trained with all the skills, but acting. His hard work is crystal in the film. And, I would definitely agree that he has augmented, acting-wise. Disha Patani {Paatni} had the start of her career in her debut! She did so well. But oh dear, in this one, she downgraded herself to the next level. Maybe she requires tuitions to revive.
Despite the suspense well created towards the second half, the story still seems very juvenile, pertaining to a lot of South Indian plots [it is based on one, hence so]. The first half, especially. So much that if it hadn’t elevated at the beginning of the second half, I would have left the theater. Also, why would you [my message to the directors, producers and story writers] make everybody feel like they’re watching a rotten, Indian version of Rambo?
Moving on, I think Jacqueline Fernandez has lost all the charm she had, at least in my eye. She was eager to know how Madhuri Dixit Nene liked the remake of her epic item number, she once danced on, which proved to be a legendary hit in the 90’s. I don’t know about Madhuri, but I hated it. Fernandez toned her body so much that her biceps and abs were so evident. I am sorry, was this a wrestling match? Plus, the choreography was a joke, literally. That sequence was the worst out of all, in the film.
The only people who actually made the film reach to the top floor were obviously, Manoj Bajpayee (as Shergill), Randeep Hooda (as ACP LSD) and Deepak Dobriyal (as Usman Langda). I would also welcome back Prateik Babbar (as Sunny) to the big screen again who is a great actor along with Darshan Kumar (as Shekhar) both of whom have smaller roles, comparatively to others. Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj (as Colonel Ranjit) is the lucky charm of Baaghi series, I suppose. Sunit Morarjee (as Sharad Kute) tried well too.
Last but not the least, the soundtrack of the film is merely average, with just O Saathi by Atif Aslam which is hearable, and the background score seemed like it was made for an animated film.
It is action-packed and that’s about it. Ahmed Khan (director) proudly adds one more to his list of critically flopped films.