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The Croods: A New Age – Standard.

When the first part released in 2013, it really was a new concept in animated films, but, slightly giving you a Flintstones sort of vibe. It wasn’t as fantastic as Brave or Ice-Age series or Shrek series or even Madagascar series, but it was not far from it.

It is adventurous with all kinds of characters present in it. Voice-overs done by many talented and experienced actors gives this film an appeal. Most of the actors reprised their roles, such as Ryan Reynolds, Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Catherine Keener, Clarke Duke and Cloris Leachman.

The fortifying actors who voiced the animal characters, like Chris Sanders (as Belt – the pet sloth), James Ryan (as Sash – the pet sloth), Januel Mercado (as Shaman Monkey) and Ryan Naylor (as Creepo Monkey) added superlative comedy to the story with their hilarious characters.

The new supporting actors are Peter Dinklage, Leslie Mann, Kelly Marie-Tran and Kailey Crawford (who replaces Randy Thom from the first film). The first three from the prior efficiently add in the plot twist in this sequel, which is made 7 years after The Croods. It is a shipshape comedy-adventure-drama film, which shall keep your kids occupied for a little more than a hour and a half.

Even if you’re an adult who loves animated films, just like me, you won’t get bored. Don’t forget, it is a very difficult task to make a sequel, especially when in the story, technology isn’t involved. You need to have a divergent thinking. Writers and directors of the previous part, Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders, just pen down the screenplay this time and relay their directorial throne to Joel Crawford to go ahead and direct this sequel. I would say he didn’t do a bad job, either.

Mark Mothersbaugh with the music did superbly well. You must know that the background score in an animated film is really important. It is what brings the must needed energy to a cartoon flick.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
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Nobody – Better call Bob!

Sometimes Bollywood should really learn from Hollywood how to make baseless yet entertaining films. I am admitting it. The flick is baseless. Notwithstanding, the way Ilya Naishuller (director) has executed the film is mind blowing.

Look, if you have seen Breaking Bad at least, if not Better Call Saul, then you’ll definitely will be aware of how good Bob Odenkirk is. He was the person to reach out to in both the television shows, but herein, he plays a character which is absolutely contrary to his characters in the aforementioned shows.

Nobody is as short as it can get. 92 minutes. It is entertaining. It is one of those underrated films you should go and watch. It has a great amount of action. Amazing performances. More than decent direction. Even an attractive background score. It’ll all cover up for the mediocre story.

One cannot point fingers at the writer(s) for this kind of screenplay. Remember John Wick series? The current film is written and produced by the same people. In these kind of films, the story has to be just about the trigger point. In John Wick, it was a dog. The rest shall be handled by the actors and directors.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
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Tom & Jerry (2021) — Mostly ruined.

According to me, you must not add in human characters in, what has forever been, an animated short film series. Probably one of the best spectacles in the world. And it has been for so many decades.

Now, I wouldn’t say that it is the worst film I have seen. I have seen worse. Nevertheless, you just cannot alter legends. Tom & Jerry is legend. The thought and idea put behind the film’s story and screenplay is appreciable. However, it’s result proves to be an embarrassment to the original short film series.

There are no second thoughts to how good the performances have been, especially Michael Peña (as Terrence Mendoza) and Patsy Ferran (as Joy the bell girl). Except for Chloë Grace Moretz (as Kayla Forrester), who went a little too over the top, which is quite unlike what she has been, in her other flicks.

Many of the scenes were taken from the original show. I wouldn’t want that if I am making something fresh. Tom and Jerry themselves are enough to create that nostalgia. You don’t need the same scenes you watched 20 years ago. No audience would want that. Lack of creativity by writer Kevin Costello and director Tim Story.

Lastly, even though it is quite evident that the graphics have made a drastic change over the last 25 years, I somehow miss the original T&J, even with the most uncomplicated yet beautiful visual effects/animation.

Rating: 2 out of 5.
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Madam Chief Minister – Stating the obvious.

Subhash Kapoor, the writer and director of this film, has given us some decent films in the past. Taking Richa Chadha as the lead actress wasn’t a big thing for Kapoor, but could she manage a whole film on her own?

There is a reason we haven’t seen Chadha in lead roles. I realised this after watching the film we are talking about currently. It is her lethargy. When she appeared in supporting roles in all her previous films/web series, it wasn’t as noticeable because there are so many other features in the film to acknowledge. There is the story, the cinematography, the background score, the co-actors, the music, etcetera.

It is a no brainer that Richa is a great actor. But her slackening nature takes the whole film experience in slow-motion. I want to appreciate a few of the dialogue of the film which were clearly bursting out with satire. But apart from that, the plot really felt tedious. For example, it has been shown in a lot of films and shows how Indian politics is, from within. Or any country’s politics, for that matter. There is literally nothing unfamiliar in the film.

The direction and the performances of all the actors are the only features of Madam Chief Minister which deserved commendation. Especially Akshay Oberoi playing the antagonist – he was perfectly suited for the role, Manav Kaul and Saurabh Shukla in supporting roles. Notwithstanding, the pillar of the flick was cracked, from the inside.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.