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The Wolf Of Wall Street – Too much shown.

I had both my hands on my mouth after seeing this salacious yet peculiar film because the reviews I had heard from a few of my friends were precisely,

“Amazing film, a must watch!”

“There were scenes which were censored that shouldn’t have been. Great film but!”

“It was like soft-porn.”


It didn’t really make me feel that it would be so drug-oriented and full of nude shows and sexual intercourses. It was quite surprising! Why am I so astonished? That’s because I downloaded it and saw it. That’s right, THE UNCENSORED version and trust me, I didn’t expect it to go to such a degree.


‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ – this guy is a pundit and leaves everyone behind in terms of throwing a performance in any kind of role he is given. He is so versatile. They say that if you are an expert or a professional in one genre of acting, you could be just good in the other genres as well, but can’t be an expert in them. Notwithstanding, the Titanic star seems to be pro in just about every character he plays. He was doing such a different role in The Great Gatsby. Plus, he makes it look so effortless.


Based on the memoir of “Jordan Belfort”, the point of the film basically, as of what I understood, is about what exactly happens inside a stock exchange office and how can you earn tons of money if you just knew how to speak well. It is also about how, when the stock market crashed, what a person like Jordon Belfort do after he loses his job in the crisis. He was a major drug-addict, a drunkard and slept with sex-workers. On the other hand, he was the best motivational speaker and a superb leader/trainer anyone could ever witness at that time. Martin Scorsese has made some fabled and award winning films and yet again strikes with another one.


I would be laughing on people who saw it in the theaters because you missed out on the main scenes. Download the uncensored version and watch it, those who haven’t seen it yet.





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