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Taken 3 – The low budget action thriller.

Honestly, it’s good that this is the last episode of the series which is going nowhere. It is also good that these films weren’t connected so much, thus, who haven’t watched the previous ones, can also see it. The mighty Liam Neeson is still the lead and has performed some fascinating scenes.


The story is a little different from the previous two parts, yet, fails to bring out the extraordinaire. The appreciable factor is that at this age, Neeson is still working so hard to keep his films out of mediocrity. It is action-packed, the fight sequences are perfectly directed and thought of. The foe, Sam Spruell (as Oleg Malankov) is a perfect choice and gave complete justice to his role. Forest Whitaker (as Inspector Franck Dotzler) is a good add, too. Always so convincing.

Forest Whitaker i Taken 3

The technicality of it and the cast gave this film a life and are the major reasons I gave it an extra point. Notwithstanding, nothing beats the first two parts of this series. Taken 3 managed to earn way more than its budget but didn’t manage to impress the film critics so much. There is an unpredictable suspense in the film which was well planned by the director (Olivier Megaton) and the writers (Luc Besson & Robert Mark Kamen).


Lastly, the effortlessness of Neeson is the highlight of this motion picture. He managed to show, again, that he is the boss in every scene.

P.S: Dear Mr. Liam, it is okay to wear a wig or hair extensions, but my opinion would be to not make it so palpable.




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