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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – Lacking.

The charm of a film series starts fading away if they aren’t handled (i.e. planned & directed) properly. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation has an up, only with two particular things. Let’s find out!


The fact that all the films of this series have been directed and written by distinctive people over the years, gives every script and plot of the film a sense of unusualness. Thus, I judge this film on that basis. First off, it shows how amazing everything can seem and be, when you have the latest tech [giving us a gist of the lazy future ahead]. All the gizmos and gadgets not only help ease things, but also makes you look cool. The franchise and the plot demands that and probably depends on it, well, in a brief way. Secondly, it has TOM CRUISE. Period. These are the two important and attractive things about the film. Hence, I feel that this film is a so-so, missing a great screenplay. MI5, like many other films, evolves only on the actors performances and the series’ eminence, since it’s first film. 


Simon Pegg (as Benji Dunn) and Jeremy Renner (as William Brandt) were the good add ons here, giving the fifth part of the Mission Impossible series a comical zest. Plus, Rebecca Ferguson (as Ilsa Faust) has proven to be a great actress here. The thing that amazes me, every single time, is that Tom Cruise (as Ethan Hunt), 53, still performs his own stunts, no matter how fatal they are. That is something.

Notwithstanding, I like and dislike this flick at the same time. MI fans would love it. Cruise fans would love it, undoubtedly. All the others wouldn’t find it that extraordinary.




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