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Two cubes of sugar, please.

Freshly baked pastries and donuts, those heavenly Swiss cakes, a tub of your favorite ice cream, a bar of chocolate or even those yummy fudge brownie based desserts, if just a thought of any of these can bring smile to your face, give you a watery mouth and make you forget all your stress in life, then you too, belong to club of ‘Sweet Tooth’.

While they sound so noble taking our stress away and bringing smiles on our faces, they also shout in our ears, the constant reminders from our loved ones that too much sugar can be a cause for Diabetes. Eat in your limits! Right?

Before deciding on a breakup with my sugary best friends, I thought of digging some facts. To my surprise, the facts that were found are more interesting than the myths.

Have you ever wondered how do we come across diabetes? By eating excessive amount of sugar or products which contain kilos of sugar. NO. You’re wrong!

Let me clear the myth by telling you that it is OKAY if you consume more than 500 grams of sugar a day. Sugar is a substance which helps your energy levels ski high. Let me break it down for you. Once you consume a certain amount of sugar or a sugary product, it goes into your body to create glucose. The idea of the body is to convert that glucose into energy to keep you up throughout the day. And THAT is done by something called as Insulin.

What exactly is Insulin? Insulin is actually a hormone produced by the pancreas while the digestion to distribute the glucose to the right blood cells, which keeps you energetic and helps you survive between every meal. Hence, when the body stops producing insulin and glucose isn’t able to convert into energy, it goes through the wrong blood cells, forcing you to be diabetic. It is actually INSULIN which helps the body maintain it’s balance because it helps convert that glucose into energy.

Now, the million dollar question that arrises is how do you actually get diabetic? And not in layman’s terms, how does insulin go scarce in your body? Here are the very simple, GENUINE reasons,

  • Excessive consumption of alcoholic / caffeinated drinks or tobacco – Everything is good within a limit. This, only the nature can teach you. The after effects of doing something limitlessly becomes painful later because it is something unnatural happening in your body. Moreover, smoking is obviously “Injurious to health and can cause early death”. A lot of them actually fail to understand, stating that no one knows who dies when. But it’s better not to suffer before death, yes?
  • Insomnia – This happens when you overthink about the smallest or the biggest things/problems/situations in your life. When your brain is constantly working, forgetting about your health risks and it doesn’t get enough sleep. It is almost like those things/problems/situations are controlling you, stating what is right and what is not, for your body.
  • Lack of any physical activity – A very important task which is the toughest for so many humans. Some say that, “Eat whatever and live your life, you only live once.” Thus, don’t miss out on the more cooler life. So many of you are wasting your money by paying for your gym memberships and not even attending a single day in a week. Excessive eating and especially sugary products is going to be a waste if you’re just sitting on your bed watching your favorite television show.
  • Heredity – One cannot really blame anyone here. If your fathers and forefathers hadn’t been taking care of their health and it’s genetically gotten into you. Here, all your can do is to just follow the basic principles of staying away from all the other four reasons which can worsen the situation.
  • Stress – Yet again, one of the most important things which CAN be avoided. Rather than solving the prime reason for the stress, we usually take bad habits and use them to “aid” ourselves. Some do excessive eating, some do smoking, some consume alcohol, thinking that by doing all these, it’s going to relieve them from stress for a little bit. But it’s a no-brainer, how these habits actually affect you.

A well-wisher always inspires me to be equipped with so much knowledge that even if the most intelligent person in the world comes and asks you about anything, you can be answerable. And this same person brought these facts to my notice and encouraged me to write about these misconceptions people have about sugar and how it is NOT so linked to diabetes. I was quite surprised to hear about it myself and thought to take the good initiative to spread the information for the people who aren’t aware. All I want you to do is to know about this and share as much as you can, so, people can live a healthier life. A life without misunderstandings and false information.

Oh and yes, don’t forget to eat that dessert you were craving since weeks, WITHOUT any hesitation.



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