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Hotel Mumbai – Terrific & Horrific.

Mind you, this one too, is without a break or an interval in between the film, much alike Badla. Just to keep you hooked.

Dev Patel stars as “Arjun” in ’ Hotel Mumbai'.

Actually, if it mattered, even if it would’ve had an interval, it would still have managed to keep the inclination. It is directed that beautifully. Anthony Maras (director) kept our heartbeats rapid and our backsides to the edge of the seats.


I usually don’t prefer to watch films which are based on terrorism or true events based on terrorist activities. It just leaves you disheartened, post the film. It keeps you wondering, on the trauma or horror the people must have faced during that particular period.


I really will be disappointed, as the resident Indian moviegoers will be deprived of this film because even Netflix refused to add it to their list [Psst.: I hope Amazon Prime agrees!]. Furthermore, casting director and producers casted such gorgeous actors, keeping ‘diversification’ in mind. Everybody contributed really well. Dev Patel (as Arjun) and Anupam Kher (as Hemant Oberoi) being the leads, held the stage, till the end, on their strong shoulders.


John Collee and Maras with the screenplay, keep you glued to the big screen until the end, along with cinematographer Nick Remy Matthews, working his magic. The background score is intense and accordingly made by Volker Bertelmann.


Hotel Mumbai is going to remain in the list of underrated movies because of the kind of exposure it will get, but I recommend it to all the Indians who have an access to it.




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