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How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World – Cute.

It had already been a different concept in the world of animated films, with a little more mature aspect. Without it being a kiddish musical, the story had comedy, action and something to be inspired by.


The enterprising How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World takes a different angle in the passable story. It is probably the only film franchise which makes a dragon look pretty, lovable and in different kinds. I love the fact that how Jay Baruchel (as Hiccup) possesses the magical voice of a teenager even after him being double in age in actuality. Just the one new addition to the third edition of HTTYD is the villain. Grimmel The Grisler (played by F. Murray Abraham) is this more of a bragger but gets things done and is quite slim and dangerous. Abraham makes sure of that.


A few stunning sceneries. Full points to the graphics and director Dean Deblois. It is a flowy, action-comedy-adventure animated film with it’s own uniformity. Plus, this part has an increasing amount of romance infused. Nevertheless, not a bad watch at all. Make sure to watch the prequels to enjoy this one fully.


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Uri: The Surgical Strike – Josh is in the sky.

I could sense the sentiment in the theater. We applauded. It was emotional. It was patriotic. The surgical strike. Some had spoken against it, post it’s occurrence. It was gigantic, undoubtedly. Notwithstanding, the general public is loving the film, not only in India, everywhere around the world.

It was the most powerful, surreptitious and the boldest move India has ever taken. It wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the current government. The previous one was a spurious one, believe you me. It is actually the most intellectual strategy. Not only this film, but a couple more released or announced at this particular time. Plus, it’s not about how good the direction is, it is also not about how intriguing the story is, it is all about putting it forward. And cinema is one of the strongest medium of exposition.

It is about showing what is being done currently and what all wasn’t accomplished before the rule of the current government. Granting all this, here’s the thing about Uri: The Surgical Strike, it is written with a lot of restrictions. It isn’t the exact product of Indian Army’s most covert military operations of all time. Yet, it is well penned. Approved by the Indian Army, even. Direction is gripping to the core. I was literally squeezing the water bottle while the action was proceeding. Debutant Aditya Dhar is responsible for the screenplay and direction.

The background score builds the sweat on your forehead. The realism of cinematography and visual effects is becoming scarily authentic. It shows here. Vicky Kaushal‘s hard work is shown and has paid off. He is quite the crackerjack. The supporting cast has fortified him, efficiently. A consultant from the Indian military was used to train the actors proficiently. He did fantastically. It is evident. The only sad part about this film’s release is it’s censorship in the gulf region. Quite a few scenes were omitted. I have always been complaining about it. The censor board will never appreciate for the film as it is.


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Simmba – Only a family entertainer.

Why should you watch this film?

  • Funny – It’s dialogue mainly, will genuinely make you laugh. I will accredit it to Ranveer and Siddhartha Jhadav.
  • Ranveer Singh – Yes, he surely entered and stayed with his swagger switch on. As usual. Yes, he most definitely is a big reason to go watch Simmba. I know his fans would. Surprisingly, he never fails to impress. His power-packed, energetic personality always aids any character played by him and he is undoubtedly, the highlight of the film.
  • Family Entertainment – If you long to take your family and it’s been a while since a good family film came out in theaters, this is the one you should go for.
  • Surprise Element – You know, I was sitting in a theater filled with an entertaining audience. Thank the goodness, they weren’t commenting [like in cheap theaters in India] and only were cheering/applauding. They were doing it on the most deal-breaking scenes [I got encouraged too] which was sort of fun to watch and do BUT also on a scene which you have to wait for, till the end. No, it’s not Ajay Devgn‘s entry.
  • Sonu Sood & Supporting Cast – I am really glad for him. He is all new and improved and in his fittest form. Apart from him, Sara Ali Khan has a cute role, playing the love interest of Singh and you will realize why she asked for this film after all, when she should be working on getting more of impactful films. Credits to the immaculate Ashutosh Rana, Ashwini Kalsekar, Vijay Patkar and all the other veteran and new Marathi and Hindi actors who performed their bits really well. The list is long, trust me.
  • Masala – From now on, I shall give these kind of films a new genre, Masala. They have a bit of everything. Action, romance and drama. If you are that kind of a person who loves to watch films of which you know the ending to, this one’s for you. No complications attached.

You could miss it because,

  • It Is OverdramaticShetty‘s films have all the cars spinning, crashing and flying in the air, the overload of outstretched slow-motion action sequences and the exaggerated drama which bore people like me because my expectancy from a film has risen to another level.
  • Of The Music – Well, apart from the remake Aankh Marey, this time, Tanishk Bagchi couldn’t strengthen this department.
  • It Is Prolongated – There were scenes in the film that I wished weren’t so elastic.
  • It Has A Colorless Plot – It’s a no-brainer. You have cried on them before, you have got goosebumps on them, you have clapped on the wall-breaking entrances of the lead cast, you have gotten internally charged and frustrated on the hero’s bad situation before and then been happy when he wins in the end.
  • Of The Dumb/Lame Moments – There are more than a few. It is mandatory in a Rohit Shetty Picturez production. You’ll know.

We all know how director Rohit Shetty has been making films of this genre for a long time now and how he targets the mass audience, making them commercial hits at the box office. It is this, it will make you laugh, arise your goosebumps, make you all teary eyed, even. And then it will emotionally mould you with a good message in the end.

But the question still remains, do these kind of films score well critically? My answer is NO.


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Aquaman – The foible standalone.

I had been hearing and reading about the bad, the average and the very few good reviews about this motion picture. The trailer told a rejuvenating tale which had already convinced me a couple of months ago. Notwithstanding, I made the call, took a leap of faith and booked my tickets.


I am really glad that Aquaman was made, not because it’s the best film you can watch under the DC Comics banner [No, I wouldn’t concur.] but because this individual film was necessary as it’s brief introduction in Justice League just wasn’t enough. Also, on behalf of the audience, we really need to witness something out of the usual, in this not-so-medieval times, even refreshing perhaps, apart from the Batmans and the Supermans.


From a tad role in HBO’S superhit TV series Game Of Thrones to becoming one of the coolest characters of DC Comics, Jason Momoa (as Arthur Curry / Aquaman) has come up a long way. A well earned role [suiting his real personality] and elevation. His wild and high-voltage nature, off-screen, really helped him in developing this character and giving it a bit of a different angle. Amber Heard plays the worthy lead character of Mera. Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko is as amazing as he could get. Patrick Wilson as Orm honestly wasn’t that convincing as the antagonist. Nicole Kidman still looks like she is 28 and acts with the experience of her actual age, played the beautiful Atlana/Queen Of Atlantis. Yahya Abdul Mateen ΙΙ in as David Kane / Black Manta performs really well but was shown as a little insignificant.


The plot/screenplay being barely more than average, depends on the graphics/VFX to fill the holes it comprises. Now, this being mostly an under water film [as the title suggests too], the detailing of the graphics wasn’t actually that bad. However, when talking about showing scenes from the year 1985, when Temuera Morrison (as Thomas Curry) and Nicole Kidman had to play younger characters, I don’t know whether it was the actual plastic make-up on their faces or it was the VFX doing that but it looked awfully displeasing.


Moreover, the background score is very childish, especially in the action scenes. Apart from these noteworthy errors, there are a few glitches which are really lowering DC’s standards. James Wan didn’t really give his best, when it came to direction. Beating to that, Don Burgess with excellent cinematography and the heart-stopping action kept us glued to our seats.


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Wonder Woman – The dealbreaker.

I finally got to witness the first hit of 2017! DC Comics finally outdid itself and gave us a story contrary to their usual. But I surmise, the character of Wonder Woman is generally like that, which aids to the story to be more on a luminous structure.


I wouldn’t concur on the fact that it is an action-packed flick but I would say that, at a latter stage of the film, it gets quite applause-worthy. Moreover, it is majorly content based, since it is the first film based on DC Comics’ Wonder Woman and is mainly introductory.


Moving on, I would emphasize on the fact that Gal Gadot is possibly the best match to the character, the producer/director/casting team could ever find. Her posture, her smile, her height, her face dimension, her body structure, the way she carries herself, her confidence, her sincerity AND her acting is pretty marvelous and befitting.


WW elevates a bit later (as I mentioned earlier) but when it does, it will bring you to the edge of your seat. Not to mention, there are some superlative performances by the supporting cast, Lilly Aspel (as the 8-year-old Diana/Wonder Woman), Chris Pine (as Steve Trevor), David Thewlis (as Sir Patrick Morgan) and Elena Anaya (as Isabel Maru/Dr. Poison).


Patty Jenkins, the director, who has a very few films under her banner, surprises everybody with her stellar work behind the camera and understands how to create that aura which promotes the special place for womanhood in the world.


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Hitman: Agent 47 – Almost acceptable.

Hitman: Agent 47 is by far the most technologically advanced film made in 2015! Yet, it shakes on the story in defiance to the amazing cast it had.


A perfect assassin, Agent 47 (played by Rupert Friend) teams up with a woman who is plagued by overwhelming anxiety and an acute awareness of everything around her, even being able to see and hear things well outside a person’s normal sensory radius, Katia van Dees (played by Hannah Ware), to help her find her father and to divulge the mysteries of her ancestry.


Remember when you were a fan of the game Hitman with it’s cool missions, it’s great story and an originality in the concept. Aleksander Bach, the director, attempts his first film and chooses this one to remake out of ALL the other films. This is a reboot of the original Hitman which was made in 2007, written by the same writer, Skip Woods.


However, it was directed by a different director, Xavier Gens. Where both the films have not been successful in the box office, I found the previous version’s story a lot better than what I witnessed this time. Apart from that, here, with Rupert playing the lead, Hannah fortified him as the female lead and both did a pleasant job. It was great to see, Zachary Quinto (as John Smith) on the big screen as the antagonist. He was stupendous! Furthermore, it took me a while to remember where I had seen Ciarán Hinds (as Dr. Litvenko) before. I then finally realized that he played the character of Mance Rayder in the political TV series, Game Of Thrones. Last but not the least, the action sequences seemed okay but they were just infused in a very opaque plot.


Consisting only a display of great tech and a little of good action scenes, Hitman: Agent 47 doesn’t facilitate in being a film worth watching.


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Phantom – The controversial so-so.

I don’t know about the money and fame but this flick sure has created a big buzz in Bollywood and a huge controversy between India and Pakistan yet again. Let’s find out if it really is worth a watch.


Certainly, the plot had a sense of suspense running through its veins but there was something which was keeping it a little laid back. I think it was the screenplay, playing the old feeds of the Taj attacks [a.k.a 26/11] and a few others. Kabir Khan, the director, has a habit of making films which connect India and Pakistan in some way or the other. Yet again, he choses the same genre. This film is a novel’s adaptation, actually. Hussain Zaidi, who is really famous for his research on Mumbai mafia, is an investigative journalist-turned-novelist. He recently wrote a novel called as Mumbai Avengers, on which this film is based.


Shoaib Akhtar was recently invited onto the well-known Indian television show, Comedy Nights with Kapil where he expressed his intention of making peace between India and Pakistan and extirpating the hate between the two countries and their people. However, Khan just shattered that intention after writing the story of this flick along with Kausar Munir and eventually directing it, of course. In the music department, a couple of songs were really good which also helped a lot in giving a shipshape background score. Saif Ali Khan (as Danyal Shaikh) is a good actor but fails to choose his films well. 80% of his films since 2008 have had pathetic reviews at the box office. Katrina Kaif (as Nawaz Mistry) still needs to work on that Hindi accent of hers and is totally uncalled-for in this motion picture.


Hafiz Muhammad Saeed who is an internationally designated terrorist, petitioned a case against Phantom and made sure that the film is banned in Pakistan. Upon hearing the fact, Saif blurts out a few harsh comments on Pakistan. This forces Pakistan Censor Board to put a ban on his films forever. Hence, I wouldn’t advise my Pakistani friends to go watch it, all the rest can, as it is a one-time-watch. It isn’t mandatory though.