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Extraction – Something is better than nothing.

Before this film announced and released, all the word “extraction” meant to me was when my teeth were concerned. You’d understand if you had four baby teeth troubling the heck out of you and you can’t even get them extracted at this point of time.


Coming to the point. There are many selling points of this motion picture. The main ones include the star cast, the writer and the director. I first discovered about this film when Randeep Hooda (as Saju) started posting on social media about how proud he was to be associated with it. In these USPs, the mild story does get minutely hidden in the dark, because of the incredible quality of action, which the film is well nourished with. A few other dramatic and thrilling scenes completes it to be a worthy watch during this pandemic. Especially for the action aficionados.


We’re all proud actually. As Indians, especially. When one of the directors of the highest grossing film of all time, Avengers: End Game, Joe Russo, pens down the script for this. When a stunt coordinator (Sam Hargrave) of the same film is responsible for the direction of this film. When the mighty Thor (Marvel fans would understand this), Chris Hemsworth (as Tyler Rake) is the lead actor. The reason I mentioned above “as Indians” is because it is really an honour, that such award winning directors, film makers, writers are interested in collaborating with the Indian film industry, not only because they will earn more because of our gigantic population but because there is so much capability. One that needs to be in the limelight of the world.


Alongside him is the magnificent Hooda and the immensely talented Rudhraksh Jaiswal (as Ovi Mahajan Jr.) who deservingly gets the big break at a very early stage of his life. Fortifying them were Pankaj Tripathi (as Ovi Mahajan Sr.) – who doesn’t need to prove how proficient he is; Golshifteh Farahani (as Nik Khan) – confident and skilled; David Harbour (as Gaspar) – experienced and it showed; Neha Mahajan (as Neysa) – intriguing. A special mention to Priyanshu Painyuli (as Asif Khan) and Suraj Rikame (as Farhad), both of whom gave splendid performances.


It is really astonishing when just a stunt coordinator from Hollywood directs such a well choreographed action flick and all we come up with is WAR (2019). Nevertheless, you could watch Extraction. It won’t bore you. It is free, too, if you have a subscription of Netflix. I assume most of you would be possessing it, particularly now, or at least would be sharing it with someone.


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Malang – Unleash the idiocy.

I hope this flick doesn’t earn it’s proceeds the way Salman Khan films have been earning theirs with just his name and a subpar story. Here, it’ll also be because of over-advertising. It’ll be a shame if such a thing happens.

Aside Ashiqui 2 (2013), directer Mohit Suri doesn’t have a decent film inside his small drawer. It is really embarrassing that by just looking at the trailer, I was able to predict that the flick is going to be a let down. The star cast has just been showing off their beloved low-grade dialogue promo everywhere.


I couldn’t bear with the amount of story we could predict. It is surprising that Aseem Arrora (writer), Aniruddha Guha (co-writer) and Mohit Suri (screenplay and direction) couldn’t give us a plot worth the time of this new generation and decade. It is also humiliating how Yash Raj Films hasn’t been able to distribute a decent film after 2007’s Chak De! India. Of course, there have been a few watchable ones during this 13-year-period, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008), Band Baaja Baraat (2010) and Mardaani (2014).


The super-hit music composed by Mithoon, Ankit Tiwari and The Fusion Project [and Arijit Singh & Sachet Tandon giving full justice to the playback], the evergreen Anil Kapoor and the hardworking & talented Aditya Roy Kapur are the best parts about the film and there is nothing else to look forward to. Kunal Khemu and Disha Patani‘s climatic elements were just a waste of time. I could appreciate the efforts of Khemu but Patani was just awful.

Our parents and teachers have always taught us that a question’s answer mostly lies within the question itself. Remember this? The curiosity Malang tried to create during the film was crushed, on several occasions, as almost all the answers lied within the trailer.


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1917 – Flawless.

Who would have thought that Sam Mendes‘s 1917 would come out to be the winner after him directing two hugely scaled James Bond films. I am not categorizing as Skyfall (2012) and Spectre (2015) as bad, but they weren’t as splendid as the film we speak about today.


Out of the blue, Mendes arrives with a homegrown story told to him by his paternal grandfather about an actual happening in the World War 1. It was the most sensible decision by him to convert it into a film. And WHAT A MAKE. I was blown away with the magnetic screenplay (Sam Mendes and Krysty Wilsom-Cairns) and an extremely detailed direction. The cinematography (Roger Deakins is gorgeously rigorous. It helped so much in maintaining the intensity of the film.


What also aided the film to be the most worthwhile was the music/background score by Thomas Newman. Furthermore, I would like to exhibit my deepest appreciation for the star cast. Taking charge were George MacKay (as Lance Corporal William Schofield) and Dean-Charles Chapman (as Lance Corporal Thomas Blake), for both of whom, it’s their career best. Plus, we had the best of the best veterans from United Kingdom with their tiny roles, Benedict Cumberbatch (as Colonel Mackenzie), Mark Strong (as Captain Smith), Colin Firth (as General Erinmore), Richard Madden (as Lieutenant Joseph Blake) and Andrew Scott [(as Lieutenant Leslie) – who’s the only Irish one] who added a peculiar kind of charm to the motion picture.


I was tempted to pick out any kind of mistake from the film, post watching it, so that I could lower it’s rating and be strict about it. Well, it is one of my responsibilities as a critic. Need to be fair and just. But honestly, I couldn’t think of any.


1917 is most deserving of all the Academy Award, Golden Globe and the plenty other award nominations it has got. In fact, it has won quite a few awards from around the globe in various categories.