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Romeo Akbar Walter – Master of disguise.

Stories like these keep my belief in Bollywood film industry alive. They come once in a year, though. It is how director Robbie Grewal kept us devoted to his film, the theater screen, until the end, he marks his win.


Espionage-Spy-Action-Thriller is what they call it when referring to the film’s genre. Espionage-Spy is one of my favorite genres in motion pictures, serials and books. And that is not the reason I am favoring Romeo Akbar Walter (R.A.W). I have always believed and even mentioned in my previous articles that the plot (written by Grewal, Ishraq Eba and Shreyansh Pandey) is the backbone of any film. Here, it excels. The direction, on the top of it adds glamour to the story, making it look fantastic.


However, how much I wished I could watch this film uncensored. U.A.E has always been really strict in censoring films [and cutting scenes only from films they don’t like]. It causes so much disturbance and irritation to moviegoers, especially, who are observant to detail. Moving on, setting aside a few scenes where I feel that it was overdone, the background score is ninety five percent accurate. Which also brings me to praise the soundtrack of the film which is composed by various artists. Jee Len De is easily my favorite out of all because it is the first time we get to hear Mohit Chauhan sing a Punjabi song in his fascinating voice.


Jackie Shroff is absolute class as far his performance is concerned. Apart from him, Sikander Kher, Anil George and Raghubir Yadav make themselves stand out, with their exceptional acting. Pretty convincing. One character which was completely meaningless in the film was Mouni Roy‘s. Plus, her evident plastic lips are too disgusting to glance at. Romeo Akbar Walter is a dedication to every Indian RAW agent who’s existence is extirpated from the records when and if they are sent to secret missions. Who give up on their family, closed ones and their life just to serve their country.

It is hard to believe that I am going to be giving a good rating to a John Abraham flick. Films with him as a lead are usually okay, not this great. Howbeit, he has improved quite a bit. Winding up this article, I would just mention that ideologies like R.A.W have been developed and delivered in Bollywood before. It is just how strong the script and the execution are to keep you glued to your seats. And this one has kept all boxes ticked for me.


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Junglee – Not as per your talks, Mr. Russell!

Woah! Too much elephant gazing has happened in this week. Not in real, but on a 70mm screen, in a theater. “How can Vidyut Jammwal create magic on the screen when he doesn’t even know how to act?” I think ninety five percent of the moviegoers and critics would say this before even giving him a chance.

It is true, he hasn’t still mastered his skills in terms of acting, dialogue delivery or even showing any expressions. However, I feel that he is an underrated version of Tiger Shroff [no offense], possessing more talent with a lack of exposure. His films have been more of reality based, spreading awareness and good messages, as this one did too. Honestly, I liked his Commando film series.

Nonetheless, the only problem with Jammwal‘s films are that they are very amateur in terms of direction and screenplay. They lack a sense of order. Scenes are very randomly added, JUST to showcase his skills/talents. The two female actors who make a debut in Hindi films, Pooja Sawant and Asha Bhat, perform not too badly. Out of whom, Sawant is quite established in Marathi cinema.


Music by Sameer Uddin is shipshape. The number of tracks are limited. Apt and adequate. Chuck Russell, the director, who has made good films before and of various genres, couldn’t add the stand-out factor to his Bollywood debut. Plus, script writer Akshat Ghildhial didn’t help at all, stretching the flick like a rubber band. When speaking about the real strength of the film, the supporting characters, Makarand Deshpande [from Sarfarosh (1999) and Swades (2004) fame] tops the list. I really love his acting. He has been a part of Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telegu and many Hindi films. Plus, I am a big fan of Atul Kulkarni who is seen in a negative character in Junglee. Performance-wise, he is the star of the show.

Thalaivasal Vijay and Akshay Oberoi, two other actors in supporting roles, performed better than Vidyut, to say the least. Overall, if you really fancy action films, great scenic locations, like to watch inspirational flicks and don’t care about the plot, you can watch it.

“My biggest sin would be to bore audience.”

— Chuck Russell

(source: Mumbai Mirror)


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Hotel Mumbai – Terrific & Horrific.

Mind you, this one too, is without a break or an interval in between the film, much alike Badla. Just to keep you hooked.

Dev Patel stars as “Arjun” in ’ Hotel Mumbai'.

Actually, if it mattered, even if it would’ve had an interval, it would still have managed to keep the inclination. It is directed that beautifully. Anthony Maras (director) kept our heartbeats rapid and our backsides to the edge of the seats.


I usually don’t prefer to watch films which are based on terrorism or true events based on terrorist activities. It just leaves you disheartened, post the film. It keeps you wondering, on the trauma or horror the people must have faced during that particular period.


I really will be disappointed, as the resident Indian moviegoers will be deprived of this film because even Netflix refused to add it to their list [Psst.: I hope Amazon Prime agrees!]. Furthermore, casting director and producers casted such gorgeous actors, keeping ‘diversification’ in mind. Everybody contributed really well. Dev Patel (as Arjun) and Anupam Kher (as Hemant Oberoi) being the leads, held the stage, till the end, on their strong shoulders.


John Collee and Maras with the screenplay, keep you glued to the big screen until the end, along with cinematographer Nick Remy Matthews, working his magic. The background score is intense and accordingly made by Volker Bertelmann.


Hotel Mumbai is going to remain in the list of underrated movies because of the kind of exposure it will get, but I recommend it to all the Indians who have an access to it.


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Kesari – Legendary.

It is true that followers of the Sikh religion are one of the most sacrificial people in the world. It is the ninth largest religion in the world, by the way. You must already have seen what the story is about as Akshay Kumar is providing the synopsis of the film, wherever he is going to promote it.

It is unbelievably emotional, the film. It is realistic. It is almost well depicted. Being not longer than a hundred and fifty minutes, Kesari highlights one of the most iconic last stand battles in the history of battles – The Battle of Saragarhi. It gives you the patriotic vibe, most definitely. And an inspirational one too.

The best part about the film is the soundtrack, composed (by various artists) with such authenticity, innocence and purity. I am glad that this story is out there for the public to view and know about. Just for your information, there is no record of this battle being regarded by UNESCO in any way. Please don’t believe any rumor mills [by a lot of websites] spreading this false news.

For the Sikh audience, the background score of the film might add a little devotional feel. Apart from that, the only drawback of this film is an excess of slow-motion action scenes and over-dramatizing a few other scenes, which isn’t required at all. After all, the whole plot was only to show a day’s battle. Hence, they had to stretch it somehow. However, it is mostly the second half which might give you this irked feeling. I liked Anurag Singh‘s direction. Wasn’t the best though. Anshul Chobey‘s cinematography is great though. The writing, by him and Girish Kohli could have been better, too.

I almost forgot about Parineeti Chopra (as Jeevani Kaur). She had a cameo, playing the love interest of Kumar. She was probably added to the cast to add a romantic touch to the film. After seeing her in this, I finally am relieved of the torture of her previous film, Namaste England. Moreover, I didn’t find any actor in the list of twenty one actors portraying the roles of 36th Sikhs regiment’s brave soldiers, not capable enough to act. Even the negative characters who played the Pathans/Pashtuns, acted stupendously, adding the magnitude, emotion and power, the story demanded. Especially, Rakesh Chaturvedi Om (as Saidullah). Oh, and Akshay (as Havildar Ishar Singh) is his usual best. Maybe got a little carried away with the role.


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Captain Marvel – Keep low expectations.

When we come to analyze introductory films for Marvel characters or even DC characters, they coincidentally turn out to be at the level of mediocrity. If comparing Black Panther with this film, as it pretty much matches with it in terms of timing of release before the new Avengers film or even for an intro for a new character, it felt a lot more wholesome in front of this.

Something or the other always is inadequate. Speaking about Captain Marvel, which was hyped when it’s trailer came out, Brie Larson gives her utmost best to be pitch perfect for the role of Carol Danvers / Vers, by being confident, seeming powerful and acting fearlessly.

The supporting characters (Jude Law, Samuel. L. Jackson, Lashana Lynch, Ben Mendelsohn and Annette Bening) prove their worthiness of existing in the movie. Because, I personally feel, Larson couldn’t have been able to do it on her own.

The action bit comes a little later in the film as the theoritical history needed to be shown and how it all started for her. What I loved most about the film were the use of advanced technology and a pretty 90’s background score (by Pinar Toprak), apt for the era the film is being shown from.

Without being even remotely sexist, I wished that there would have been a male character portraying Capt. Marvel. There had been a lot of various comics where a female was created to portray as one but Stan Lee created the character with a male in mind. In fact, when the character of Captain Marvel was launched in the comics, it was a he.


How much ever the duo Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck tried to make this film better with their beautiful direction, they couldn’t do much on the screenplay and story along with the other writers. It lacked that spark.


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Alita: Battle Angel – Basic stuff.

It is not a complicated story. A simple one, rather. It is about a cyborg, who was found in the trash, but, is meant to be legendary. 

Such films mainly depend on their graphic designing team. James Cameron’s name is enough to attract the audience to watch a spectacle. It is directed by Spy Kids series director Roberto Rodriguez and Cameron only writes the screenplay for it. I mainly got attracted to watch this film just because of it’s technological ingredient.

While Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Keean Johnson, Mahearshala Ali and Ed Skrein support the cute Rosa Salazar, the lead actress, with their full potential, Alita: Battle Angel fails to actually deliver a proper plot.

Based on the Japanese manga series known as Gunnm by Yukito Kishiro, this flick is able to climb the ladder with the help of it’s fortifying cast, a great display of tech and a little bit of good action. 


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How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World – Cute.

It had already been a different concept in the world of animated films, with a little more mature aspect. Without it being a kiddish musical, the story had comedy, action and something to be inspired by.


The enterprising How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World takes a different angle in the passable story. It is probably the only film franchise which makes a dragon look pretty, lovable and in different kinds. I love the fact that how Jay Baruchel (as Hiccup) possesses the magical voice of a teenager even after him being double in age in actuality. Just the one new addition to the third edition of HTTYD is the villain. Grimmel The Grisler (played by F. Murray Abraham) is this more of a bragger but gets things done and is quite slim and dangerous. Abraham makes sure of that.


A few stunning sceneries. Full points to the graphics and director Dean Deblois. It is a flowy, action-comedy-adventure animated film with it’s own uniformity. Plus, this part has an increasing amount of romance infused. Nevertheless, not a bad watch at all. Make sure to watch the prequels to enjoy this one fully.