PM Narendra Modi – Watch it as an INDIAN.

Hope the people who petitioned to postpone the release of this film are happy now. Now that he is actually elected to serve for another five years. They thought a film would contribute in getting him more votes.


Throwing light to the film, the best part about it, without any second thought, is Vivek Oberoi. I, along with many others, was really incredulous about him playing the biggest and the most important role of his career. The trailer, too, seemed cheesy and even the look and getup of Oberoi wasn’t convincing. Plus, the release got cancelled, I had assumed earlier. But it was just postponed.


I will remind you again, that I am not speaking or praising this film because of my personal political views. I hate to admit that as a film, it felt incomplete. A lot of melodrama and emotion was added, going in favor of the Indian Prime Minister. On my brother’s good observation, PM Narendra Modi just pointed out the goods of the person of interest. His life’s story is averagely conceptualized by Sandeep Ssingh who wrote the screenplay. However, the direction could have been better. Omung Kumar‘s (director) best creation till date has been Sarbjit of 2016.


Music department is bold enough to try Gujrati rap as background score. Withal, the tracks made for this are mediocre.

Alike all other political films made this year, this one too, is made just for awareness. For the audience who still aren’t aware of the man’s history. A lot of false stories have been given clarity to, through this film. Initially, Paresh Rawal was to depict the character of the Prime Minister Of India, which the whole world, including myself, felt would have been apt. Mainly because, his face structure better matched than of Vivek‘s. A.K.A lesser facial make-up and silicon. His accent would have been very much similar. Oh and he is good friends with the PM.

I am assuming, because he had to play his character from his younger days until today, they needed someone younger. And maybe because daddy made a few calls. That being said, let’s get to the verdict. The motion picture would have done wonders, if the direction was given more attention to. If the story would have been more pragmatic. Plus, alongside Vivek Oberoi giving full justice to his character, surprisingly, he is backed up by a few great old hats, Manoj Joshi, Boman Irani, Zareena Wahab, Yatin Kareykar and Prashant Narayanan. A bit of comedy is garnished on top because of the distinctive characters in the Indian National Congress.



Alita: Battle Angel – Basic stuff.

It is not a complicated story. A simple one, rather. It is about a cyborg, who was found in the trash, but, is meant to be legendary.

Such films mainly depend on their graphic designing team. James Cameron’s name is enough to attract the audience to watch a spectacle. It is directed by Spy Kids series director Robert Rodriguez and Cameron only writes the screenplay for it. I mainly got attracted to watch this film just because of it’s technological ingredient.

While Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Keean Johnson, Mahearshala Ali and Ed Skrein support the cute Rosa Salazar, the lead actress, with their full potential, Alita: Battle Angel fails to actually deliver a proper plot.

Based on the Japanese manga series known as Gunnm by Yukito Kishiro, this flick is able to climb the ladder with the help of the fortifying cast, a great display of tech and a little bit of good action.


Gully Boy: Apna Time Aayega – Audacious. Realistic. Powerful. Fantastic.

Before watching Gully Boy, I made sure of watching Eminem starrer 8 Mile because of the buzz going on in the social media where the prior was portrayed as a “copy”. Especially after the trailer of Gully Boy was dubbed and recreated, with 8 Mile‘s scenes playing in a video, which went viral.

Let’s make things clear. Every talented, successful artist has a past. Here, the serious struggles of the people originating from the slums and villages of India are displayed. How the greatest of talents are being supressed like abolished parts of a car, ONLY because their parents’ and society’s awareness of modernization is zero. A few similarities in the script are bound to happen because of the content the motion picture is trying to exibit.

It is a win. GB is a win for the director, actors, music composers, producers and the whole crew alongside the character of Murad / Gully Boy (played by Ranveer Singh). Zoya Akhtar with her direction will leave you speechless. Jay Oza‘s cinematography will leave you in an awe. One of the best features of the film is the unique background score by Karsh Kale & The Salvage Studio Collective. Flawless.

Alia Bhatt (as Safina) plays this determined, bold and a daring muslim girl who is also the love interest of Ranveer, with complete honesty. On the contrary, Kalki Koechlin (as Sky) has played this jazzy, cool, new-aged NRI student/artist, rather gorgeously.

As a matter of fact, every character has it’s equal importance in the flick. Preeminently, Siddhant Chaturvedi (as MC Sher) who plays the strong and confident friend cum mentor of Murad, excellently. You’ll love him. Plus, an actor who we witness after a long time for a lengthier role, Vijay Raaz (as Aftab Sheikh), plays the strict, conservative and an oblivious father of Murad. And we all know how his voice and acting over the years, has left an impact on us through his various roles. Others inclusive in this noteworthy list are Vijay Varma (as Moeen), Amruta Subhash (as Razia Sheikh / mother of Murad), Vijay Maurya (as Ateeq / Murad‘s uncle) and Sheeba Chaddha (as Safina‘s mother).

Gully Boy is a must watch for all the valueable reasons. Screenplay by Reema Kagti & Zoya Akhtar is enchanting. The music is the whole and soul of it, obviously. The lyrics and dialogue are the backbone. Moreover the amount of exposure Indian RAP (rythym and poetry) music is going to receive now, will be maniacal.