De De Pyaar De – Meanwhile, in Luv Ranjan’s world.

One thing is assured that it is a different concept. The helm of direction was sure given to Akiv Ali who has just been an editor in quite a few films, but, one could sense so much of Luv Ranjan in the film.


Ranjan IS undoubtedly one of the writers of the scripts along with Tarun Jain and Surabhi Bhatnagar. The unstable and slow first half did make it seem like the film is not going to excel. The elastic dialogue and the extremely melodramatic & ostentatious Rakul Preet Singh made sure of almost disintegrating the film. She’s not a bad actor though. Notwithstanding, the second half thankfully picked up in terms of good comedy and lesser exaggeration.


Obviously, Tabu, Kumud Mishra, Alok Nath and Jimmy Shergill added their own dazzle to the flick. Ajay Devgn barely had any dialogue in the film, given the level of maturity and age of his character. Javed Jaffrey, even though being a good actor, is a complete extra. Plus, hiring a couple of tiktok actors was brave move by the casting directors/producers. And mind you, a cost-efficient one too. Even giving a cameo to Sunny Singh is unfit. He still needs learn how to act better.

The music of De De Pyaar De by multiple composers is unfortunately below average. I wouldn’t call it a light-weight film because of the addition of drama, making it a bit too emotional. Yet, it’s double meaning jokes, genuine comedy towards the latter half of the film, actors’ performances and a new plot made it worthy. Oh and the unaccustomed ending too.



Pokémon Detective Pikachu – Reminiscing, slightly.

I wasn’t going to watch this film for Pokémon or the characters and hell I didn’t even know many of them. What really got my attention was when I read that Ryan Reynolds has given his crazy voice to the character of Pikachu. The Deadpool star is one of my favorite actors because of his great sense of humor.


This collaboration of actual human actors and Pokémon monsters was really well thought of, yet, lacks so much in the story and the addition of various other characters/monsters. There are 812, according to Wikipedia. It is a secret as to why Reynolds adds his comedic manly touch to the cute, adorable Pikachu, which, shall be revealed way after the climax of the flick.


Inclusive of a display of some next-generation technology, some great graphical representation, this film is adventurous. It has a good portion of comedy, thanks to Ryan Reynolds, of course. Rob Letterman, the director, who has made a few beautiful films in the past, unfortunately, couldn’t bring out the charisma, which was very much required in this game-adapted Pokémon Detective Pikachu.


Apart from some moments of recollection of our good old memories concerning this legendary Japanese game and characters (or monsters) [which has been played on various different mediums since 1995], there are only a few notable things this film has to offer. Which reminds me to mention about a superb upcoming actor, Justice Smith (as Tim Goodman). With great dialogue delivery and facial expressions, he is quite the impressive one. A year younger to him, the female lead, Kathryn Newton (as Lucy Stevens) still has a few skills to master, however, is not that bad an actor. Probably experience shall teach the pretty one some more.


Dumbo – Cuteness overload.

Two C’s make and bake an animation or a semi-animation film successfully, is what I believe. Concept and Characters. A character becomes popular because of it’s unique approach and concept created by the screenplay artist or director.


Despicable Me film series (Minions), The Smurfs film series, the film Brave (Merida), Alvin & The Chipmunks film series or even Toy Story film series were all super hit films and characters. There was something distinctive about all the characters of these flicks which ticked the box for the audience, completely. Similarly, Dumbo, which was an animated motion picture made almost eight decades ago, under Disney’s banner, is revamped [by Ehren Khruger (screenplay) and by Tim Burton (director)] after seventy nine years {to be precise} in a mesmerizing manner.


Look, it is not as bad as the reviews it has got. Its passable. It’ll almost keep you intrigued but you’ll know what’s coming next. It is perfect for parents who want to show their kids a good film on the weekend and for animated movie enthusiasts. It has a lot of adorable moments which will raise your goosebumps high.


I would definitely give a lot of credit to Colin Farrell (as Holt Farrier), Eva Green (as Colette Marchant), Michael Keaton (as V. A. Vandevere), Danny DeVito (as Max Medici), Nico Parker (as Milly Farreir) and Finley Hobbins (as Joe Farrier) who played their roles graciously and with ease. Especially Parker {who most definitely seemed like the real daughter of Gamora (Zoe Saldana) from Guardians Of The Galaxy film series}.


I was almost about to not go for this motion picture because of the amount of negative reviews I read before booking the tickets. But I did go for it and I am happy. I will not add this to my list of recommended films but I wasn’t disappointed with it either.