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Made In China — Long-winded & dependent.

It is abundantly clear as to what kind of scripts Rajkummar Rao chooses and how, if it is made into a film, he showcases his true caliber, every time. He cares less about what the film is going to earn. He just makes sure he does what he is best at.

I have always wished for Boman Irani (as Dr. Vardhi) to have come to films earlier. We would have got to see him in more films with his distinguished roles. How he executes them with precision is always commendable. Paresh Rawal (as Tanmay Shah) has a very tiny, classy and an effective role. Mouni Roy (as Rukmini Mehta) and Sumeet Vyas (as Devraj) are their usual best but both failed to work on their accent, unlike others, for a Gujarati character. Manoj Joshi (as Vhinde Bhai) has always been one of the efficient actors in supporting roles. Gajraj Rao (as Chopra) is too funny.

The script (Niren Bhatt) naively relies on the actors’ deliverance. It passes on the baton to the different characters created in the story and waits for them to do wonders. The dialogue (Karan Vyas) and the individual performances are the only stand out factors of Made In China.

It is Mikhil Musale‘s first and a good attempt at direction in the big world of Bollywood. It is based on a novel by Parinda Joshi. She is aided by Mikhil Musale, Karan and Niren to recreate the story for the film. Music (SachinJigar) is okay. At least it matches the concept of the flick. The longevity was brutally felt throughout the film even though it was just 135 minutes long.

Even if it gently gives out a great message along with it’s adult comedy, I found the plot to be slightly confusing. It is sad that this time Rao (as Raghuveer Mehta) selected an average story to work in.


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The Sky Is Pink – You only live once.

At first, it was really difficult for me to say a yes for this film, even when it’s critical win was all over the news. The thing is, I don’t prefer films of a horror genre or if they are too emotional. The trailer definitely proved the latter.

I was completely astonished to see really low proceeds for this film. It is a big shame when such films are losing in front of those vacuous and branded blockbusters. It made me realize that how much we need films like The Sky Is Pink. It also gave me some kind of contentment thinking that maybe I needed to watch this one, making up for the hogwash I have witnessed, earlier this month.

Director Shonali Bose has repeatedly proven herself, making such magical motion pictures. She appears once in a while, but when she does, gives us a cinematic treasure. However, in this one she was aided by Juhi Chaturvedi and Nilesh Maniyar as co-writers. Depicting a true life tale might not be easy because many have failed and many have succeeded in doing so. The failures should definitely learn from her.

Coated carefully with lightheartedness, this film will leave you with a heavy heart. It silently gives you a message to stay strong and never give up. Furthermore, I had lost hope for Priyanka Chopra (as Aditi Chaudhary) after witnessing all of her films post Barfi. It was just Dil Dhadakne Do for both Farhan Akhtar (as Niren Chaudhary) and Chopra where they had last given their best performances and the film too had excelled. We had witnessed their chemistry there and they successfully continue it in this film. As actors, I am happy to tell you that they’re back!

It is depressing to know that this flick marks the end of the career for Zaira Wasim (as Aisha Chaudhary) because of her conservative background. At least she ends it with a bang! TSIP will be remembered for her performance in it. It is not Rohit Suresh Saraf‘s (as Ishaan Chaudhary) first film and he has performed outstandingly.

Let’s end the article with my favorite topic, MUSIC. It is literally one of the main ingredients of the film. We have all known Pritam for giving us extremely harmonious music on very many occasions. He has done it again! Plus, Arijit Singh doesn’t seem to stop giving super-hit songs with this unprecedented voice.

I would encourage all of you to boost the business of these kind of films and let your money be worthily utilized.


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Dream Girl – Eye-catcher.

Ayushmann Khurrana actually did tell the audience to leave their brains at home before going for this one. It is that kind of an entertainer. It was quite a bold move, saying that aloud, but I did that and he was right. And no, it is not similar, but, it is way more interesting and funnier than Total Dhamaal.

It is Raaj Shaandilyaa‘s first directorial in films. Let me remind you that Raaj is responsible for direction and content writing for Sony TV’s hit show Comedy Circus. Well, until Kapil Sharma got out. Without a doubt, this film is going to be a hit. The timing and the quality of it’s comedic punches were on point. This is Shaandilyaa‘s specialty. Couldn’t have gone wrong.

The originality of the concept is what impressed me more than anything. In the story, some great stereotypes were broken. There was a tiny message too. It was also the brilliant character creation for this particular concept that caught my attention. I could sense a lot of satire too, coming from a mind behind the many Comedy Circus scripts. All the characters fit perfectly in the film. Although, I did get a vibe of Anees Bazmee during the flick, in terms of the plot and cinematography. Yes! It is way better than Mubarakan. Even though it was timed to 132 minutes, it felt like the film is going to take forever to end. This, indeed, was the biggest drawback.

Full marks to Khurrana (as Karam Singh/Pooja) and the supporting cast. Lovely performances by all. Especially, Annu Kapoor (as Jagjeet Singh), Rajesh Sharma (as W), Manjot Singh (as Smiley), Vijay Raaz (as Rajpal), debutante Raj Bhansali (as Toto) and Abhishek Banerjee (as Mahendar). Meet Bros give shipshape music. Plus, I am really happy that the trend of all eleven songs playing in the film with choreography is ending. Herein, there were two, which were obligatory. All in all, you should and must take your family or friends along with you to enjoy this one!


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Chhichhore – Entertainingly inspirational.

The writer and director of Dangal enters the ring again and this time without the ‘A’ factor. Could he (Nitesh Tiwari) actually do something as wondrous as his last directorial? Let’s find out.

First of all, full points to the casting director and the cast itself. Not only the the extremely talented Sushant Singh Rajput (as Anirudh “Anni” Pathak), Shraddha Kapoor (as Maya), Prateik Babbar (as Raggie) and Varun Sharma (as Gurmeet “Sexa” Singh Dhillon) gave great performances but the newbies and the lesser experienced Tahir Raj Bhasin (as Derek), Naveen Polishetty (as Acid), Tushar Pandey (as Sunder “Mummy” Saxena), Saharsh Kumar (as Bevda) and Mohammed Samad (as Raghav) too were exceptional.

The predictable plot inspires us with a message which is mostly directed towards the young students of India. Chhichhore is surprisingly funny. It gets serious when necessary. It generates hope. It has concentrated on a topic which has just been a tad part of a few films before. Nitesh Tiwari, Piyush Gupta and Nikhil Mehrotra, the screenplay writers, enhance this topic with grace and successfully keep it peppy at the same time.

The music by Pritam is not too bad. It doesn’t interfere in anyway in the film. Just graciously plays as a background score, adding the required emotion to it. Plus, the kind of reviews I have been hearing about last week’s Saaho, I surmise it is safe to say that this one’s a better watch.


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The Compliment.

People close to me know that I dislike praises. I might appreciate you, if I liked something you did, but I feel shy on receiving them. In the month of February, I attended a friend’s wedding with one of my close friends. We set our arrival dates to match together so that we land around the same time. It’s good to attend weddings because you not only get to bless the bride and groom, but you also get to meet new people and especially various kinds of elders.

My close friend (who I was staying with during the wedding and with whom I planned our itinerary) and I had already decided that we are going to perform at the bride’s Sangeet. Both of us were called ‘the guests from Dubai’ at the wedding. You don’t expect so many international invitees if it’s a local Indian wedding. The bride’s side were kind and were very happy to have us.

We had practiced a few times in Dubai and a couple of quick practices before the performances (because I was nervous). I dislike screwing it up. After watching and cheering for all other performances, the moment arrived.

We danced on the two numbers we had and as usual I forgot almost all the main steps but luckily I didn’t screw up completely because my dance partner knew them all. Hence, I wasn’t looking straight at the audience, well, most of the time.

The bride’s side had booked a beautiful villa/lodge, where all the small events and rituals would take place and it had a lot of rooms. So, most of the guests who had come from different states were living in it, including us. It didn’t take us time to get mixing with the relatives. Even though most of them were our parent’s age or even older. There were, however, a few of our age – who were the bride’s college or school mates.

We would all, gather around every morning, for breakfast in the same hall downstairs. Eat and mingle together. The morning after the Sangeet happened, we were standing at the buffet and there was this uncle who has been an ex-military colonel, who I had had a good conversation with, during the previous breakfasts. We were all at the line of buffet and all the elders were already finished with their breakfasts long before us because we always were the late comers.

He stopped me, pulled me out of the queue gently, to tell me something. I was shocked at first, thinking what was going on. I was scared for a minute thinking what did I do wrong!?

Fortunately, it wasn’t something wrong that I did, it was something miraculous. It was not intended but I am REALLY glad that I could make a person feel that way. The uncle, who was from the bride’s side, obviously, was decent and elegant. He carried a great persona, yet, was a little old fashioned.

What he said, not only gave me goosebumps, but it also made me realize that not only money can buy happiness, even a compliment can and only a few words can make someone eternally happy.

His approximate words were, “Beta, what you did last night on the dance floor definitely entertained us. The joy you brought us from your spirit of dancing not only helped me be happier but it also made my health better at that point of time. Keep doing this. God bless you with all the happiness and good luck for your future endeavors.”

I was smiling, constantly. I was blushing. I went numb for a few seconds. My thank yous were sounding like whispers. I had goosebumps. I hadn’t felt this awestruck since maybe forever. I felt on top of the world.

Thus, I just wanted to share this with all my readers. Please never stop doing good things in life. You never know, you might unintentionally make someone’s day. Stay happy. Keep smiling, no matter what. And thank you for reading.

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Romeo Akbar Walter – Master of disguise.

Stories like these keep my belief in Bollywood film industry alive. They come once in a year, though. It is how director Robbie Grewal kept us devoted to his film, the theater screen, until the end, he marks his win.


Espionage-Spy-Action-Thriller is what they call it when referring to the film’s genre. Espionage-Spy is one of my favorite genres in motion pictures, serials and books. And that is not the reason I am favoring Romeo Akbar Walter (R.A.W). I have always believed and even mentioned in my previous articles that the plot (written by Grewal, Ishraq Eba and Shreyansh Pandey) is the backbone of any film. Here, it excels. The direction, on the top of it adds glamour to the story, making it look fantastic.


However, how much I wished I could watch this film uncensored. U.A.E has always been really strict in censoring films [and cutting scenes only from films they don’t like]. It causes so much disturbance and irritation to moviegoers, especially, who are observant to detail. Moving on, setting aside a few scenes where I feel that it was overdone, the background score is ninety five percent accurate. Which also brings me to praise the soundtrack of the film which is composed by various artists. Jee Len De is easily my favorite out of all because it is the first time we get to hear Mohit Chauhan sing a Punjabi song in his fascinating voice.


Jackie Shroff is absolute class as far his performance is concerned. Apart from him, Sikander Kher, Anil George and Raghubir Yadav make themselves stand out, with their exceptional acting. Pretty convincing. One character which was completely meaningless in the film was Mouni Roy‘s. Plus, her evident plastic lips are too disgusting to glance at. Romeo Akbar Walter is a dedication to every Indian RAW agent who’s existence is extirpated from the records when and if they are sent to secret missions. Who give up on their family, closed ones and their life just to serve their country.

It is hard to believe that I am going to be giving a good rating to a John Abraham flick. Films with him as a lead are usually okay, not this great. Howbeit, he has improved quite a bit. Winding up this article, I would just mention that ideologies like R.A.W have been developed and delivered in Bollywood before. It is just how strong the script and the execution are to keep you glued to your seats. And this one has kept all boxes ticked for me.


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A modern woman or still a bourgeoise?

Women, the most wonderful creation of God. Something we south-asians brag about. Although, these talks are nothing more than a mere lip service. Why? Well, let’s see.

On one hand, we talk about how women should be given more power and responsibility to grow and how they should be set free to fly. In reality, however, it all applies only when the woman in question is not from our family. Women from our families need to take permission for everything. Right from what they wear to what they talk about and with whom. Our hypocrisy laughs at us when we say, “Oh! I allowed my wife/sister to do so”.

Seriously? We think they need our permission to do things? Who are WE to permit them?

Wait a minute, let’s not jump into conclusion. I am not blaming men for what I said above. Women are equally responsible for this sorry state of theirs. They think that if a guy wants to do all this and keep total control then it is his right, after all, he loves her so much. They forget that if he loves her then so does she, only more intensely, dedicating her everything for his family. There is no trade deal involved in their relation which says that the guy will love the girl and she should take permissions before doing things in return, right?

Some of you will think now, “Come on! We are the new generation and we know what’s right and what’s not.” Yes, we do. But, is knowing alone enough?

When it comes to standing with the right, the first thing we see is who are we standing against. If they are from our family, then very conveniently, we try to justify the right. We all want to be politically correct. Just how can we say, “my family is wrong”, isn’t it?

Be it a girl’s family, who says, “try and adjust with their requirements” or the guy himself who sees his wife being treated rudely and remains a mute spectator.

So let’s see who really is responsible then for such a sorry state of women in our society,

1) Boys / Men, who are made to believe what they are doing is their right.


2) Parents, who fail to reach their children to stand up for what’s right even if it means standing against everyone.


3) Women, who shout on top of their voices about liberty in colleges and offices and go home and say, “Oh, my bro / hubby won’t allow me this”.

Where we say, “Set your goals and strive to attain them.” to our daughters before marriage and then, at a latter stage of their life, say, “Forgo everything as you are married now.” All this hypocrisy just because she is a daughter?

It is high time we stop this farce of empowering women and continue to celebrate how we grind them in the name of responsibility and love. Let us prepare the boys / men of the current generation and the next to face empowering women first, and then teach them to be respectful towards them. Otherwise, aren’t we creating a society of constant conflicts?

For every reader who can relate to something from above, just remember, it is your guilty conscience and if felt bad then please understand, it was purely intended.