Romeo Akbar Walter – Master of disguise.

Stories like these keep my belief in Bollywood film industry alive. They come once in a year, though. It is how director Robbie Grewal kept us devoted to his film, the theater screen, until the end, he marks his win.


Espionage-Spy-Action-Thriller is what they call it when referring to the film’s genre. Espionage-Spy is one of my favorite genres in motion pictures, serials and books. And that is not the reason I am favoring Romeo Akbar Walter (R.A.W). I have always believed and even mentioned in my previous articles that the plot (written by Grewal, Ishraq Eba and Shreyansh Pandey) is the backbone of any film. Here, it excels. The direction, on the top of it adds glamour to the story, making it look fantastic.


However, how much I wished I could watch this film uncensored. U.A.E has always been really strict in censoring films [and cutting scenes only from films they don’t like]. It causes so much disturbance and irritation to moviegoers, especially, who are observant to detail. Moving on, setting aside a few scenes where I feel that it was overdone, the background score is ninety five percent accurate. Which also brings me to praise the soundtrack of the film which is composed by various artists. Jee Len De is easily my favorite out of all because it is the first time we get to hear Mohit Chauhan sing a Punjabi song in his fascinating voice.


Jackie Shroff is absolute class as far his performance is concerned. Apart from him, Sikander Kher, Anil George and Raghubir Yadav make themselves stand out, with their exceptional acting. Pretty convincing. One character which was completely meaningless in the film was Mouni Roy‘s. Plus, her evident plastic lips are too disgusting to glance at. Romeo Akbar Walter is a dedication to every Indian RAW agent who’s existence is extirpated from the records when and if they are sent to secret missions. Who give up on their family, closed ones and their life just to serve their country.

It is hard to believe that I am going to be giving a good rating to a John Abraham flick. Films with him as a lead are usually okay, not this great. Howbeit, he has improved quite a bit. Winding up this article, I would just mention that ideologies like R.A.W have been developed and delivered in Bollywood before. It is just how strong the script and the execution are to keep you glued to your seats. And this one has kept all boxes ticked for me.



A modern woman or still a bourgeoise?

Women, the most wonderful creation of God. Something we south-asians brag about. Although, these talks are nothing more than a mere lip service. Why? Well, let’s see.

On one hand, we talk about how women should be given more power and responsibility to grow and how they should be set free to fly. In reality, however, it all applies only when the woman in question is not from our family. Women from our families need to take permission for everything. Right from what they wear to what they talk about and with whom. Our hypocrisy laughs at us when we say, “Oh! I allowed my wife/sister to do so”.

Seriously? We think they need our permission to do things? Who are WE to permit them?

Wait a minute, let’s not jump into conclusion. I am not blaming men for what I said above. Women are equally responsible for this sorry state of theirs. They think that if a guy wants to do all this and keep total control then it is his right, after all, he loves her so much. They forget that if he loves her then so does she, only more intensely, dedicating her everything for his family. There is no trade deal involved in their relation which says that the guy will love the girl and she should take permissions before doing things in return, right?

Some of you will think now, “Come on! We are the new generation and we know what’s right and what’s not.” Yes, we do. But, is knowing alone enough?

When it comes to standing with the right, the first thing we see is who are we standing against. If they are from our family, then very conveniently, we try to justify the right. We all want to be politically correct. Just how can we say, “my family is wrong”, isn’t it?

Be it a girl’s family, who says, “try and adjust with their requirements” or the guy himself who sees his wife being treated rudely and remains a mute spectator.

So let’s see who really is responsible then for such a sorry state of women in our society,

1) Boys / Men, who are made to believe what they are doing is their right.


2) Parents, who fail to reach their children to stand up for what’s right even if it means standing against everyone.


3) Women, who shout on top of their voices about liberty in colleges and offices and go home and say, “Oh, my bro / hubby won’t allow me this”.

Where we say, “Set your goals and strive to attain them.” to our daughters before marriage and then, at a latter stage of their life, say, “Forgo everything as you are married now.” All this hypocrisy just because she is a daughter?

It is high time we stop this farce of empowering women and continue to celebrate how we grind them in the name of responsibility and love. Let us prepare the boys / men of the current generation and the next to face empowering women first, and then teach them to be respectful towards them. Otherwise, aren’t we creating a society of constant conflicts?

For every reader who can relate to something from above, just remember, it is your guilty conscience and if felt bad then please understand, it was purely intended.

State: Surprised. | Achievement: Unlocked. | Level: Next. | Task Completed: Reading A Book.

Bam! I hit the novel on my thigh as I completed it. Almost placed it in agony on the top of my shoerack with a big smile on my face, which lasted for a surprising minute. I thought to myself, this is my first proper book I read and what a plot it was! The last one was a tad, cute book known as Around The World In 80 Days. I loved that book. I read it when I was barely in my teens. At that time, I felt it was the best one I had ever read. Yet, after more than a decade, who knew I would start reading again.

I always despised books. Even in my school days, I didn’t like textbooks. Simply because I would get distracted almost instantaneously, losing my focus, eventually just keeping them aside. Not only in the childhood, I suffered this trauma in college too. Reading those photocopied notes. I hated them. I hated them all. After so much self-convincing, throughout the past couple of years, I finally read my first novel. First of many. Tilly Bagshawe‘s After Darkness. Tilly, writes her novels in the vein of America’s 7th best selling author of all time, Sidney Sheldon.

I told this to almost every person in my life, that I disliked books. And I could never read a novel. Obviously, because movies and television were way more easier to access and took lesser efforts. I used to be crazy about films. I still am. I can binge-watch like a nerd would study textbooks.

Honestly, I have become a sort of an addict to Netflix. I love exploring and watching new shows. The stories they show and those brilliant directions just put me in a state of awe, every single time. Plus, so many of Hollywood films and a few of Bollywood films impress me, surprise me very easily and make me crave to watch more.

I’d always think that nothing could explain a certain topic better than a film or a television show. Even after one of my cousins, one of my friends and my current boss, all of whom still are or at least used to be insane readers, urged me to start reading. As they believed that books and novels always have a better way of telling you the story than a film would. In addition, they gave you better knowledge. I always negated them. But now, not being a hypocrite, I am starting to agree with them.

A book too, has the power to keep you hooked, inclined towards them. Now, with better concentration (which came pretty easily to me), I am really happy that I finished the book, in about twenty days, with a lot of breaks. But I am sure, if I would have read it continuously, I would have finished it three or four days.

It’s not that I now think that I should’ve started reading much earlier. I was content with my decision then and I am glad with my current accord of starting to read, too. All in all, I can be affirmative about one thing, they are as intriguing as any television show or a good film can be. Maybe, even more.