Bang Bang – Say no to Hollywood remakes.

It is an official adaptation of the Hollywood film, Knight and Day of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. It was a no-brainer that the film is going to be shipshape because even the film from which it was adapted, was mediocre. Hrithik Roshan is my most favorite actor because of his classy acting skills and him being an ace in dancing. But, his last film Krrish 3 and the current one (unfortunately), have really been below average. It is his presence in the film which gives it a high standard before the release.


It is filled with action sequences but why to mold the original script and give it that Indian tadka (flavor) and worsen it even more? The idea of remaking the film is to make it better and not spoil it altogether. Director Siddharth Anand is not been in luck since his last two films and this one just adds up. Plus, you can blame Subash Nair, the story writer, for such a pathetic make-over too. Katrina Kaif is as stunning as ever. Her acting still needs perfection. Apart from the story there were so many plot-holes like every other commercial film has. It gives a different kind of satisfaction to mention a few when they are so evident,

1) Roshan’s shades NEVER fell off, even after so many action scenes. [Too much style, eh?]

2) Danny Denzongpa gets thrown into a fire and comes back from it ALIVE! (You cannot even think of beating THE TERMINATOR!)

3) Roshan uses a gun to hold himself VIA his feet to shoot a foe on a barefoot skiing water stunt. (A bit too much.)

4) Adding Electronic Dance Music (EDM) as a background to the action sequences. (Please, give me a break.)


I don’t understand how, a proficient actor like Hrithik, who has made himself beyond compare, who comprises of such talent and skills, who becomes a perfectionist when it comes to a doing a film, hasn’t chosen a better and a more sensible script. The water-based stunts which were performed by him were one-of-a-kind and haven’t been done in any other film in the world, agreed, but are these stunts all what people want to see?


Moreover, some of the tracks were foot-tapping and some were soothing to hear but were a little disturbing in between the film as one was popping every twenty minutes. When films like Barfi and Highway can be made in India, then why choose a remake?

I would recommend Bang Bang to an audience who haven’t seen the original film.


P.S: The body paint on Jaaved Jaffrey’s body didn’t even close to make him look scary or dangerous or even a villain. The costume head, make-up artist and the director expect the audience to believe that they were tattoos. Really?




Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty – A touch of Kollywood.

The trailer and the title made it very easy for us to predict what the story is all about. It is a remake of the Tamil film Thupakki. The Gajjini and Jai Ho director A.R. Murugadoss comes up with a very average story but does well with the direction and dialogue, keeping us all engaged.


Govinda is back and looking as fresh as new. Even though he didn’t have much of the camera on him, his presence is felt and adds on the necessary weight to the film. When talking about presence, Sonakshi Sinha in the film is what french fries are to a fitness freak. She is apparently the ‘boxer’ in the film. Just because you get your hair braided, doesn’t mean you could convince people to believe you. The film probably would have got the same response if she wasn’t included. Plus, she didn’t even train for it. The fight sequences are pathetic. The dialogue, being the highlight of the film, are very real and something that today’s Indian families should really consider understanding.


The music is really okay, made by Pritam. Not by his usual standards. Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty manages to sweep away Rps. 112 crores for the producers (over the weekend) even with a very mediocre screenplay. Thanks you Akki!

P.S.: In one of the fight sequences, Akshay Kumar breaks his arm and immediately gets up, twists and turns it a couple of times and makes it back to normal. That’s what the fight sequences of this film are all about.


Skyfall – Missed by a little to glory.

I start with a note of farewell to a legend in Bond films, Judy Dench (as M). This is her seventh and last bond film. She has been nothing but stunning in her course, without any doubt.

Daniel Craig;Judi Dench

To start things off, this a complete different package to witness, unlike the mystery-solving-action-filled, typical 007 type. The tag of the villain is hung on Javier Bardem this time and didn’t he play it well. He is a veritable performer. Superb display of an antagonist with a pinch of comedy, which helped the director Sam Mendes add a disparate kind of flavor to the character!


Notwithstanding, it is more of an emotion game between M, James and Raoul Silva (a.k.a Tiago Rodriguez), the story. I must say that this movie is shot in some phenomenal places like Macau and Shanghai. Apart from that, Daniel Craig! I veraciously have no words for this guy, what an actor he is. Absolutely FIT for the role of Agent 007, as all of his action sequences are breathtaking. Plus, the way he postures the character of James Bond is quite magnificent. How he comes back from the dead to salvage his team MI6 and M from Silva when even the bureau of higher authorities had all got it wrong, is just about everything you shall witness.


There are more to what you think are evildoers, that’s why MI6 exists, to finish them with the sustenance of highly trained, professional agents. Moreover, this is supposed to be done in an reticent manner..

These are the inexact words of M while defending MI6 while she retires from her realm. It is quite emotional. Ralph Fiennes (as Gareth Mallory), Naomie Harris (as Eve Moneypenny), the gorgeous Bérénice Lim Marlohe (as Sévérine), Albert Finney (as Kincade), Ben Whishaw (as Q), Ola Rapace (as Patrice) have relatively smaller scenes, but all of them carried out their respective roles in an unblemished manner.


I was quite overjoyed and surprised to hear one of my most favorite voices singing the bond song, Adele – The 8-grammy-awards winner has an innate and a quite distinguished voice.


Despite the fact that Skyfall claimed the biggest seven day gross of all time with £37.2m in it’s opening week (in the UK box office), beating the records of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, I felt there should have been some more of eye-popping action! It isn’t a complete Bond film which forces me to snatch one point from it.