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She – Firecracker!

I got to be honest. It is different. Story-wise. It is about this one female police constable who has been asked to change her lifestyle, her personality to become someone completely contrary to what her actual self is, for a special covert mission.

Courtesy of Netflix © 2020

Bhumika Pardeshi is the woman who has been asked to do so in the story of a web series called as She. Aaditi Pohankar is the lady playing this genius character, profoundly. She plays Bhumika with absolute conviction! Plus, her role perfectly matches with how she looks. Full marks to Mukesh Chhabra, the casting director.

Courtesy of Netflix © 2020

Even if the story might have been somewhat new but it would have been nothing if it hadn’t been for the powerful characters. I wasn’t surprised to realize this fact because the man behind the screenplay is none other than Imtiaz Ali. I had also mentioned this in my recent review of Love Aaj Kal 2.0, that his USP is how he adds weight to the individualistic roles in his films.

She is beautifully directed by Arif Ali and Avinash Das too. The background score by Ishaan Chhabra and over all music composed by Gaurang Soni also keeps you inquisitive throughout the seven-episode-season. Another great thing about the show is that it isn’t lengthy, neither the duration of every episode nor the amount of episodes.


Of course, all the actors [especially Kishore Kumar G (as Nayak), who I first thought was Kichcha Sudeep, Vishwas Kini (as Jason Fernandez), Suhita Thatte (as Bhumika‘s mother), Shivani Rangole (as Rupa), Paritosh Sand (as Shishir Mathur) and Ajay Jhadav (as Mhatre)] have done a tidy job, but there is one actor who stood out like a knight in a shining armor. He has displayed the utmost class and this, I think, would truly prove be his career defining work. This audacious and a sweet-talking character of Sasya is played by Vijay Varma.


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Drive – A rinky-dink spectacle.

Despite horrible reviews I decided to watch this one, only because of one reason. It was partially a heist film. My love for heist genre has been immense since the popular 2003 Hollywood film, The Italian Job.

It was completely right on the producer’s part where he (Karan Johar) decided to launch it only as a Netflix original rather than a big scale “Dharma Production” flick. He saved a lot of money and time.


Tarun Mansukhani had an epic start as a story writer, editor and director as he was the man behind Dostana (2008). Or was it under the complete supervision of Johar? Herein, not only is the story naive, even the direction takes a toll. Throwing light on Sushant Singh Rajput (as Samar), his graph of films has been a roller coaster, really. This one’s surely the one which is going down the hill. Nevertheless, the confidence in his performance never seems to go low. He is the only actor in the film who is well versed.


Sapna Pabbi (as Naina) and Vikramjit Virk (as Bikky) did their best. Boman Irani (as Irfan) is phenomenal, as usual. I don’t want to comment about Jacqueline Fernandez (as Tara). Drive is the kind of films she usually chooses. Spineless. She is just the eye-candy of it.

You must have heard about the song Makhna being the only good thing about the film. You’ve heard right. Tanishq Bagchi probably did this one thing right in this film. Rest all of the tracks sounded like composers in the Bollywood film industry are running out of lyrics and decent tunes.


It’s really shocking that we are still into Maruti Suzuki Swifts, Honda Civics and Maruti Suzuki Altos for racing when the world has moved so far and up ahead. Come on man, it’s the beginning of a new century. Humans who are acting in, writing, promoting and even giving a chance to these garbage films should really get a life or evolve at least.


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The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air — Philly cool.

It is shocking that this show, being one of the best shows I have seen, isn’t celebrated as much as F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Big Bang Theory or even How I Met Your Mother. It literally is the best thing happened to Will Smith. It gave him a path and definitely a blockbuster career.

It is a comedy show with drama and romance sprinkled over the top, created by Quincy Jones, Andy Borowitz and Susan Borowitz. It is entertaining, inclusive of good dialogue and some of the best actors you’ll ever see. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air is vividly a show made for Will Smith. Most of the punch lines were given to him. The plot was based on his life (not the real one). It was ALL HIM.

It is not that he didn’t deserve it. He is a good actor and he proved that in the first few seasons. It is just sad that lesser focus was put onto all the supporting actors such as James Avery (as Philip Banks), Alfonso Ribeiro (as Carlton Banks), Joseph Marcell (as Geoffrey) with his exquisite comic timing, Tatyana Ali (as Ashley Banks), Janet Hubert (as Vivian Banks) and Karyn Parsons (as Hilary Banks). All of them were exceptional. This and casting a few actors who were initially called as guests for a certain role, again, for different roles, was a little childish.

It has a casual plot with various screenplays showcased during the period of six seasons. It gave room for additional characters to become the base to every story, like every television show does. I disliked the fact that the actress Janet Hubert was dropped from the show during the midway because of the internal differences between her and Will Smith. The only reason of my disappointment of this dropout was the new character who played the character of Vivian, Daphne Reid. She wasn’t as powerful and compelling as Hubert. She wasn’t even close.

Lastly, more than Will Smith, who benefited the most out of this show, I feel lesser importance was given to Alfonso Ribeiro (as Carlton Banks), post the show, who I thought was the true winner. May it be his acting, his singing, his dancing or even his performance as a whole. Plus, I was really happy to see this show appear on Netflix. Previously, I couldn’t find a source to download or view it anywhere. The reason I was so eager to watch it was because of my curiosity (since the last few years) to know what the show was all about. A show which was responsible for the emergence of a megastar, Willard Carol Smith (Jr.).