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Margarita With A Straw – Koechlin’s best.

You witness films like Zero and laugh at Anushka‘s kiddish portrayal of a person with cerebral palsy when you know that you have already seen something better. But that “better”, never got the limelight.


It is sad that there are so many filmmakers, the unique ones, who don’t get enough resources to put their stories out in the public on a larger scale. Even though they are the most talented ones and depict some masterpieces, gorgeously. On top of that, they choose actors who are very much interested to do their films for a reasonable rate only because of their love for cinema.


Shonali Bose directed this film called as Margarita With A Straw in 2014 and it starred Kalki Coechlin as the lead. Kalki‘s smile, alone, will win your heart, not to mention her acting dexterity. The way the plot flows is as if a paper boat is moving in a pond. Calm, simple and innocent. Revathi, Kuljit Singh, Sayani Gupta, Hussain Dalal, Malhar Khushu and William Moseley play the vital supporting cast, quite effortlessly.


I really want to promote films like these, as much as I can. There are so many. In fact more than a few of Rajkummar Rao, which have won him awards. Newton, Shahid, Trapped, Omerta etc. Even a couple of Bose‘s films like Amu and Chittagong. They all are of such class, critically, but crave the spotlight and eventually start their journey in film festivals.

Thus, I am doing my best by putting it out there through my reviews. You can share this and help the film gain some attention, even if it’s after 5 years. Doesn’t matter.