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Kalank – So much for a “dream project”.

Seriously, what’s up with Karan Johar and his films just on broken, disastrous and impossible relationships?


I fail to understand his ideology behind all his recent stories. Is he going through a bad phase? A depression, perhaps? Literally, it is the most lingered on film of this year. The story is lengthier than the time you take to get rid of that chewing gum, that you had accidentally stepped on while walking. It is tortoiselike, too. The speed of a dial-up internet would be more rapid than it.


Kalank fancies a couple of well-choreographed scenes, gorgeous and sumptuous sets, dazzling costumes and a tempting star cast. But, and that is a big but, it is shattered into a thousand pieces from within. Vacuous, mostly. Predictability rate is hiked at ninety five percent. Some of the critics and editors mentioned that the film’s principle ideology and genre are very similar to that of Sanjay Leela Bhansali‘s. Well, at least SLB films consist of a refreshing story line every time. It was too big a responsibility for Abhishek Varman (director and story writer) after making a small-scaled 2 States.


Arijit Singh with the title song, ‘Kalank‘ and Shreya Ghoshal with ‘Ghar More Pardesiya‘ & her help in the background score, is the only music [by Pritam] which is favourable in the whole film.


About the actors in the film, it is really not hidden as to how good all of them are, except Varun Dhawan [his improvisation is always over the top]. They are either experienced or skillful. Their input is pretty good, yet, doesn’t help the plodded plot in any measure. I really didn’t like the fact that the makers of the film mentioned, in the start, that the role of Sanjay Dutt (as Balraj Chaudhry) is of a ‘special appearance’. Why would you do that when there isn’t any actor in the film apart from Madhuri Dixit (as Bahaar Begum) who can take the responsibility of carrying a film on his/her shoulder. It is the little things that matter. I really loved the bits of Hiten Tejwani (as Abbas) and Achint Kaur (as Saroj) on the big screen, after a long time.


The characters built for the actors are a bit too fragile. There is just this one character, of Kunal Khemu, which is thought of and played, very honestly. It seemed strong and rigid.


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Kesari – Legendary.

It is true that followers of the Sikh religion are one of the most sacrificial people in the world. It is the ninth largest religion in the world, by the way. You must already have seen what the story is about as Akshay Kumar is providing the synopsis of the film, wherever he is going to promote it.

It is unbelievably emotional, the film. It is realistic. It is almost well depicted. Being not longer than a hundred and fifty minutes, Kesari highlights one of the most iconic last stand battles in the history of battles – The Battle of Saragarhi. It gives you the patriotic vibe, most definitely. And an inspirational one too.

The best part about the film is the soundtrack, composed (by various artists) with such authenticity, innocence and purity. I am glad that this story is out there for the public to view and know about. Just for your information, there is no record of this battle being regarded by UNESCO in any way. Please don’t believe any rumor mills [by a lot of websites] spreading this false news.

For the Sikh audience, the background score of the film might add a little devotional feel. Apart from that, the only drawback of this film is an excess of slow-motion action scenes and over-dramatizing a few other scenes, which isn’t required at all. After all, the whole plot was only to show a day’s battle. Hence, they had to stretch it somehow. However, it is mostly the second half which might give you this irked feeling. I liked Anurag Singh‘s direction. Wasn’t the best though. Anshul Chobey‘s cinematography is great though. The writing, by him and Girish Kohli could have been better, too.

I almost forgot about Parineeti Chopra (as Jeevani Kaur). She had a cameo, playing the love interest of Kumar. She was probably added to the cast to add a romantic touch to the film. After seeing her in this, I finally am relieved of the torture of her previous film, Namaste England. Moreover, I didn’t find any actor in the list of twenty one actors portraying the roles of 36th Sikhs regiment’s brave soldiers, not capable enough to act. Even the negative characters who played the Pathans/Pashtuns, acted stupendously, adding the magnitude, emotion and power, the story demanded. Especially, Rakesh Chaturvedi Om (as Saidullah). Oh, and Akshay (as Havildar Ishar Singh) is his usual best. Maybe got a little carried away with the role.


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Simmba – Only a family entertainer.

Why should you watch this film?

  • Funny – It’s dialogue mainly, will genuinely make you laugh. I will accredit it to Ranveer and Siddhartha Jhadav.
  • Ranveer Singh – Yes, he surely entered and stayed with his swagger switch on. As usual. Yes, he most definitely is a big reason to go watch Simmba. I know his fans would. Surprisingly, he never fails to impress. His power-packed, energetic personality always aids any character played by him and he is undoubtedly, the highlight of the film.
  • Family Entertainment – If you long to take your family and it’s been a while since a good family film came out in theaters, this is the one you should go for.
  • Surprise Element – You know, I was sitting in a theater filled with an entertaining audience. Thank the goodness, they weren’t commenting [like in cheap theaters in India] and only were cheering/applauding. They were doing it on the most deal-breaking scenes [I got encouraged too] which was sort of fun to watch and do BUT also on a scene which you have to wait for, till the end. No, it’s not Ajay Devgn‘s entry.
  • Sonu Sood & Supporting Cast – I am really glad for him. He is all new and improved and in his fittest form. Apart from him, Sara Ali Khan has a cute role, playing the love interest of Singh and you will realize why she asked for this film after all, when she should be working on getting more of impactful films. Credits to the immaculate Ashutosh Rana, Ashwini Kalsekar, Vijay Patkar and all the other veteran and new Marathi and Hindi actors who performed their bits really well. The list is long, trust me.
  • Masala – From now on, I shall give these kind of films a new genre, Masala. They have a bit of everything. Action, romance and drama. If you are that kind of a person who loves to watch films of which you know the ending to, this one’s for you. No complications attached.

You could miss it because,

  • It Is OverdramaticShetty‘s films have all the cars spinning, crashing and flying in the air, the overload of outstretched slow-motion action sequences and the exaggerated drama which bore people like me because my expectancy from a film has risen to another level.
  • Of The Music – Well, apart from the remake Aankh Marey, this time, Tanishk Bagchi couldn’t strengthen this department.
  • It Is Prolongated – There were scenes in the film that I wished weren’t so elastic.
  • It Has A Colorless Plot – It’s a no-brainer. You have cried on them before, you have got goosebumps on them, you have clapped on the wall-breaking entrances of the lead cast, you have gotten internally charged and frustrated on the hero’s bad situation before and then been happy when he wins in the end.
  • Of The Dumb/Lame Moments – There are more than a few. It is mandatory in a Rohit Shetty Picturez production. You’ll know.

We all know how director Rohit Shetty has been making films of this genre for a long time now and how he targets the mass audience, making them commercial hits at the box office. It is this, it will make you laugh, arise your goosebumps, make you all teary eyed, even. And then it will emotionally mould you with a good message in the end.

But the question still remains, do these kind of films score well critically? My answer is NO.


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Bombay Velvet – A vintage bummer.

Making films in an exclusive style and genre, Anurag Kashyap has always been a distinctive director. He tried well to make a thrilling period crime drama film from the sixties, yet the much awaited flick with an outstanding star cast fails to impress!


The story is based on a novel namely Mumbai Fables [by Gyan Prakash] giving a brief about Mumbai [which was called as Bombay initially] that how the city was and what kind of people it had in the 60’s and how those people altered the atmosphere and the outlook of the Mumbai. Herein, there is a brief love story of Johnny Balraj (Ranbir Kapoor) and Rosie Noronha (Anushka Sharma) which didn’t end the usual way. The film is also about how wealthy people have been using poorer, constrained people, since a long time, to their own benefit. 


I was astounded, at first, when it came to my notice that the proficient director Karan Johar (as Kaizad Khambata) is playing the lead antagonist in the film. For his first lead role in a film, I don’t think he did a bad job at all. Ranbir plays this maniac, ambitious street fighter who loves to think big. I feel that he has taken the Kapoor legacy to an another level in terms of on screen performances. Anushka Sharma on the other hand had a very quiet role as a jazz singer throughout the first half of the film. Kay Kay Menon (as Inspector Vishwas Kulkarni), Manish Choudhary (as Jamshed Mistry), Satyadeep Misra (as Chimman) and Siddhartha Basu (as Romy Patel) had small yet vital roles.


Even though the direction is good [could’ve been better], it has the vintage layer of cream inside it, you can taste it. And it has a quality star cast too, BUT, the backbone of the film i.e. the plot has no strength to go on any further and neither is it going somewhere. The only thing which dazzled me was the music [giving the feel of 1960’s genre of Jazz] and especially the background score of every scene. It was well thought of and composed by Amit Trivedi.


Bombay Velvet is about this weird combination of fancy tables and chairs [which are the rich money throwers, enjoying their lives] with illiterate waiters [who are poor workers who do all the dirty work for these rich people]. Don’t go for this interminable flick!


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Student Of The Year – The high roller debut.

I am mostly satisfied with this flick, maybe because it was hyped too much [before it’s release] which did inflate my level of expectations. A thoroughgoing journey of schooling, which had an assortment of repleted romance, drama, comedy, action and for a change, a sports apportionment too. Typical K’Jo types!


When I saw Varun Dhawan in Jaipur, when they had come to a mall to promote their film, the first thought in my mind was that how is he going to take himself to the next level of being a star! One thing which I loved about him is his primitive personality, (may it be acting, dancing, or even his peculiarity) which makes him stand out between others. Probably he has a Bollywood background, so the genes have followed. About Sidharth Malhotra, his hard work is applaudable but his acting still needs work. The ‘Angry Young Man’ look suited him. Just that he is quite stiff or inflexible during his dance fragments. Alia Bhatt‘s charm is just teeming. Acting and dancing-wise she is pretty awesome too.


Two other supporting characters which I will praise, especially, are, Kayoze Irani (as Sodo). Like-father-like-son, I must say! He made Boman Irani proud by showing a master-piece act. And Sahil Anand (as Jeet) is such a natural and funny as well. Manjot Singh and Sana Saeed supported the cast well too.


Last but not the least, I will give a few important credits to 1) The veteran Rishi Kapoor, 2) The classy Ram Kapoor and 3) The Mr. Perfect Ronit Roy. All of them added a special kind of flavor to Student Of The Year.


Cast chosen: Unerring. Story written: Rejuvenating. Everybody had already been eulogizing the music, before the movie was released. All thanks to Vishal-Shekhar! To sum it up, it is a good entertainer. It is rather targeted at the younger generation but even families can go watch it.