Action, Bollywood, Drama, Romantic

Simmba – Only a family entertainer.

Why should you watch this film?

  • Funny – It’s dialogue mainly, will genuinely make you laugh. I will accredit it to Ranveer and Siddhartha Jhadav.
  • Ranveer Singh – Yes, he surely entered and stayed with his swagger switch on. As usual. Yes, he most definitely is a big reason to go watch Simmba. I know his fans would. Surprisingly, he never fails to impress. His power-packed, energetic personality always aids any character played by him and he is undoubtedly, the highlight of the film.
  • Family Entertainment – If you long to take your family and it’s been a while since a good family film came out in theaters, this is the one you should go for.
  • Surprise Element – You know, I was sitting in a theater filled with an entertaining audience. Thank the goodness, they weren’t commenting [like in cheap theaters in India] and only were cheering/applauding. They were doing it on the most deal-breaking scenes [I got encouraged too] which was sort of fun to watch and do BUT also on a scene which you have to wait for, till the end. No, it’s not Ajay Devgn‘s entry.
  • Sonu Sood & Supporting Cast – I am really glad for him. He is all new and improved and in his fittest form. Apart from him, Sara Ali Khan has a cute role, playing the love interest of Singh and you will realize why she asked for this film after all, when she should be working on getting more of impactful films. Credits to the immaculate Ashutosh Rana, Ashwini Kalsekar, Vijay Patkar and all the other veteran and new Marathi and Hindi actors who performed their bits really well. The list is long, trust me.
  • Masala – From now on, I shall give these kind of films a new genre, Masala. They have a bit of everything. Action, romance and drama. If you are that kind of a person who loves to watch films of which you know the ending to, this one’s for you. No complications attached.

You could miss it because,

  • It Is OverdramaticShetty‘s films have all the cars spinning, crashing and flying in the air, the overload of outstretched slow-motion action sequences and the exaggerated drama which bore people like me because my expectancy from a film has risen to another level.
  • Of The Music – Well, apart from the remake Aankh Marey, this time, Tanishk Bagchi couldn’t strengthen this department.
  • It Is Prolongated – There were scenes in the film that I wished weren’t so elastic.
  • It Has A Colorless Plot – It’s a no-brainer. You have cried on them before, you have got goosebumps on them, you have clapped on the wall-breaking entrances of the lead cast, you have gotten internally charged and frustrated on the hero’s bad situation before and then been happy when he wins in the end.
  • Of The Dumb/Lame Moments – There are more than a few. It is mandatory in a Rohit Shetty Picturez production. You’ll know.

We all know how director Rohit Shetty has been making films of this genre for a long time now and how he targets the mass audience, making them commercial hits at the box office. It is this, it will make you laugh, arise your goosebumps, make you all teary eyed, even. And then it will emotionally mould you with a good message in the end.

But the question still remains, do these kind of films score well critically? My answer is NO.


Based On True Events, Bollywood, Drama, Romantic, Thriller

Kedarnath – The start of her pilgrimage.

It’s not that Abhishek Kapoor hasn’t made a film of a soaked-mud drama genre before which is affiliated with true events. But, I would agree that he has made some very distinctive films, when glancing through his shelf.

I will start with giving full points to the visual effects team and graphic designers who made it look extravagantly real, increasing the level of thrill in the film. A great start to Sara‘s career. She delivers a power packed performance. We all know how well Sushant acts and the reason he has moved up from television onto the big screen. Additionally, thank the current generation, the Indian moviegoers are moving up and ahead in terms of what kind of films they want to spend their precious money on. Favoring the great stories and not the lousy storied, big budget films. Criticizing the films according to their purpose rather than according to the cast. That being said, this film does good on the plot and moreover on the individual performances.

Kedarnath very beautifully revolves around four key situations to make it a whole. One, the floods which occurred in the Uttrakhand, India in 2013, due to heavy, non-stop rainfall, destroying almost the whole state. Two, the love story of this couple Mansoor (played by Sushant Singh Rajput) & Mandakini (played by Sara Ali Khan). Three is yet again the according-to-the-book and backward thinking of Indians, pointed out by the director (Abhishek Kapoor) and screenplay writers (Kapoor and Kanika Dhillon). Herein, it is the inter-religion marriage which is highlighted and how even after reaching in the 21st century, small towns, villages and some underdeveloped cities in India still are living in the previous one. Four is how the temple and pilgrimage of Kedarnath was majorly affected during the 2013 floods and that love story took a major turn because of this catastrophe.

Music being delivered by the talented Amit Trivedi just gives an extra boost to the film, aside everything else. We (the audience) are now used to the monotonous additions of love stories into these reality based films. Hence, it won’t really matter how the love story turns out to be unless the film is solely of a romantic genre.