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Spy – Could’ve been better.

I couldn’t have ever imagined Jason Statham (as Rick Ford) do a comical role ever in my life! Herein, he debuts in that and I’m sure had to rehearse quite a few dialogues [which he usually doesn’t]. There was a hype about this film which I don’t think was worth making about.


If this film had to be compared to another one, Johnny English would be the name on everyone’s mouth. It would have been a better choice in the action-comedy genre to say the least. The ‘Spy’ atmospherics is present and could be felt in the film but apart from Melissa McCarthy (as Susan Cooper) there is very little that the film has got to offer. The tale is clearly NOT very uplifting to support the cast. Talking about the star of the film, Melissa, she justifies the merits of being obese and gives a fantastic performance. Paul Feig, the actor/director, hasn’t given his best, yet, in regards to story-writing and I’m afraid we’d still have to wait for his new venture, a much better one, I hope. Direction wise, he’s done well. I must appreciate the comedy generated because of our preeminent McCarthy.


I would also appreciate the work of the siders, Rose Byrne (as Rayna Boyanov), Miranda Hart (as Nancy B. Artingstall), Sergio De Luca (played by Bobby Canavale), Peter Serafinowicz (as Aldo) and Elaine Crocker (played by Allison Janney). Lastly, we all know how Jude Law (as Bradley Fine) and Jason Statham have distinctively earned their respect, recognition and fame. These both have bestowed their talent in the greatest of films. Their presence is always a bliss to watch on the screen.


I had fewer words to describe and present my views on this one because of the above mentioned reasons. Hence, if you want to laugh a little, you can consider it. Doesn’t have to be mandatory though.

P.S: Thank God Nargis Fakhri (as Lia) didn’t have to fake her accent as she naturally has it.